Communism, socialism are different beasts

Dale Courtney is at again, this time openly warning us about evil socialism. Mr. Courtney’s Aug. 8 op-ed on globalism, nationalism and patriotism only hinted at socialism.

His Sept. 30 essay was not obscure — “Run for your lives! It’s socialism!”

If socialism is so bad, why are we not reading about a disintegrating Canada or Scandinavia? People seem happy and reasonably stable in those countries including their leadership. Unlike here, where lies, chaos and madness rule.

Equating socialism to communism, Mr. Courtney listed 10 reasons why we should reject communists/socialists, aka Democrats, who would subjugate capitalism, tax pollution and offer free everything. Mr. Courtney used the Communist writings of Karl Marx to back his opinion.

News flash, communism and socialism are quite different. We have nothing to fear from socialism, but we should fear erroneous information which is, for the Party of Anything Trump Says, their calling card.

Ten reasons FOR Socialism are: the destruction of class division; real people-powered Democracy; Democratic control over workplaces; an equal and fair justice system; promoting gender equality; improved LGBTI rights; free education, not corporate degree factories; an end to racist government policies; a more environmentally sustainable future; a people powered news media, not the Murdoch Press. These are not unreasonable.

According to Irving Kristol: “The trouble with traditional American conservatism is that it lacks a naturally cheerful, optimistic disposition. Not only does it lack one, it regards signs of one as evidence of unsoundness, irresponsibility.”

In other words, in today’s Congress, conservative optimism is dead. Courtney reinforces this.

Ask Jesus Trump.

This horrifying mess is his. Everyone gets crucified by Trump, including Courtney.

Jim Roach


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