Pullman taxes keep rising

Yet another round of tax increases are coming to Pullman. A year or so ago the citizens of Pullman voted down the move of the city hall to the church. So the folks at the city just waited until the next vote as the numbers would work out for them and this move got voted in. Then in hindsight, somehow, someone didn’t tell the voters it was going to cost another million dollars to make this move.

Then came the hospital bond. And the voters in Pullman turned it down. And now, again, it is going to be run on the ballot. And Scott Adams is sure it is going to pass now as the numbers will be in its favor. Do we have a dollar figure of how much more that is going to cost now that the odds are in their favor and they will win?

Next up is the school levy. Another $500 or more a year.

With all of this growth that Pullman is encouraging wouldn’t that mean that all of this new development would pay for this? Don’t these developments pay taxes?

David Olson


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