Parks has the skills to lead Pullman

It seems there’s more interest than usual in the upcoming Pullman City Council elections on Nov. 5 . Rightly so, because our community is experiencing lots of growth and change, with many differing opinions about how that inevitable growth should be managed.

Voters have important choices to make in this dynamic time. A choice I’d recommend voters make is to return Ann Parks to the Pullman City Council, representing Ward 1. Knowing Ann through personal, professional and volunteer interactions, I believe she is the best qualified to address the needs of the many varied and diverse constituencies in Pullman.

Being an incumbent gives Ann an advantage because it means she’s up to speed about the issues, is experienced with the processes of city government and has networked extensively with Pullman’s many constituencies.

One of Ann’s many strengths is her ability to communicate effectively. I’ve personally observed Ann help others work through a tense, conflictual situation. She helped settle the dispute by staying calm, listening well and showing genuine empathy and understanding of each party’s points of view. Her skillful facilitation allowed for a satisfactory resolution of the conflict. This skill in working through differences is especially needed on the City Council right now. Please keep a caring, competent, knowledgeable and hard-working public servant on the City Council. Vote for Ann Parks to represent Ward I.

Carolyn Wyatt, Pullman


Laflin has earned vote for Moscow City Council

As a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, I am profoundly grateful for Maureen Laflin. The folks who we assist are often in need of legal assistance. Since most struggle mightily to pay rent and utilities, hiring an attorney is far beyond their means. An attorney and faculty member of the University of Idaho Law School, Maureen has always voluntarily answered our requests for legal aid. She was the tip of the spear in the fight for justice for the residents of Syringa Mobile Home Park who were victims of an unscrupulous landlord, a long, truly heroic battle that lasted for years, all pro-bono by Maureen.

Although her professional background is not business, Maureen understands full well that Moscow’s and the UI’s well-being are dependent upon a strong economy. Highly intelligent, experienced, compassionate but tough as nails (and a personal hero of mine). I urge readers to vote Maureen Laflin for City Council.

Gerard Connelly, Moscow


Parks displays wisdom, grace; deserves second term

Like other Pullman residents, I received my ballot for the upcoming election. Among the issues we will be voting on is the selection of new members to our City Council. I am a resident of Ward 1 and am presently served by Ann Parks. I have decided to vote for Mrs. Parks for a second term. She has proven to be the type of councilor that a city as diverse as Pullman needs. Always a thoughtful listener to constituents and fellow councilors alike, she is respectful of the ideas and opinions of others, even while forwarding her own ideas, making it easier to form consensus and to make policy.

Ann Parks is a community activist who serves on the boards of the United Way of Whitman County and the Neill Library. She is one of the dedicated women who worked to keep the Distinguished Young Women Program in Pullman.

Most importantly, Ann Parks sees the City Council as a team working together to address our city’s future. At this time when communities large and small are going to be asked to make big and bold decisions about challenges ranging from homelessness to climate change, the City Council needs a member with the wisdom and grace of Ann Parks.

Carolyn Cress, Pullman


Trump has kept at least two of his promises

President Trump is keeping two promises while falling short on the rest.

The first, “Made in America.” Most material goods are outsourced and not made here much anymore. But Trump’s border policy of separating thousands of families and abusing children could mass-produce the best terrorists in the world. Toddlers, after surviving an ungodly trek are wrenched from their parents, caged and deprived of basic human needs.

All alone, they are put before a judge to plead their case, then carted off to who knows where. So these kids are raised and mature, again who knows where. Where will they be in a dozen years? Although the product is not complete we can assume; terrorists, “Made in America.” Promise kept.

One thing America does not outsource is guns. We produce more guns than anyone and they are the most lethal guns in the world. In a dozen years they will be even deadlier. “No one will take your guns away.” Second promise kept. Of course every other president made the same promise. It is perplexing how when interpreting the Second Amendment, the “right to bear arms” is expanded to include every killing and maiming weapon a person can carry yet the “well-regulated” part becomes a bastardized loophole you can drive a tank through. How can a crazy law keep crazy weapons out of crazy hands? That’s crazy.

Richard Strongoni, Moscow


Go ahead, belittle people; it’s now called presidential

Trump supporters have been calling Democrats “Libtards,” “DemoRats,” and “Socialists.” Oh, the shame! How are Democrats not falling on their socialist swords in embarrassment? They aren’t. And they’re still too polite to retaliate in kind.

As a lifelong Republican, however, I see no reason not to insult members of the GOP that have imbibed Trump’s corruptive Kool-Aid.

The term, Trumplican, refers to a Republican so thoroughly brainwashed as to be brain dead. That’s probably the most gracious label for them.

Other monikers that come readily to mind include: Repugnicans, Repulsicans, Reprobaticans, Ridiculicans, Ruinicans, Runticans, Reprehencicans, Repressicans, Roticans, or Ruinousicans,

As Trump moves the party closer and closer to fascism we could call them fascists, fascicans, Hitlerites, Mussolinists, neo-Nazis, or just plain neo-nuts.

If you feel insulted by these labels, just remember that President Trump loves using offensive names to belittle people, so flinging insults is acting “Presidential.”

Paul Oman, Clarkston


Letters in support of Proposition 1 in Pullman

I am writing in support of Pullman Regional Hospital and urging you to vote yes on Proposition 1. I have always received outstanding care at Pullman Regional Hospital, and want to make sure that the staff have the resources they need to be able to provide that care now and in the future. With passage of the bond, the hospital as well as my doctors in Pullman and Spokane will be able to have access to all my up to date medical records which will expedite my care and make repeated paperwork a thing of the past. Please vote yes on Proposition 1.

Charles Coen, Colton


The community of Pullman has long been known to be proactive, focused on health and highly values education. That is why you should vote yes for Proposition 1 to support Pullman Regional Hospital.

They are planning to expand their campus to allow for current and future community growth, provide a place for medical residency education, bring a team-based care approach to coordinate the healthcare for patient convenience and have a community-wide electronic medical record.

By supporting them, we are securing our future healthcare needs and ensuring that our medical community continues to be the high quality one we all deserve.

Christy Gould, Pullman


We would like to encourage our fellow Pullman residents to support Proposition 1 in the upcoming election to help expand Pullman Regional Hospital. I was on the hospital board when we went to the voters and asked for support of an $8.2 million bond to build a new hospital on Bishop Boulevard that could accommodate the future and important technology. Although there were those that thought we were foolish in our aspirations, Pullman Regional has been an outstanding achievement for Pullman, and it is considered one of the best hospitals in the state and has a top rating in the country.

Now PRH leadership sees another need. Although growth was anticipated in that 2004 structure, the city has grown at a faster rate and needs have expanded. We’re at the point that an addition to the hospital is warranted. If the voters approve, the hospital will add space for physicians that are practicing now and future hires, including residents from the Washington State University College of Medicine. We have proven that if we can introduce a physician to this wonderful area, we have a far better chance to attract them to practice medicine here when they complete their residency.

Let’s plan for our needs now and the years ahead by voting yes for Proposition 1.

Glenn and Kathy Johnson, Pullman


Because of the outstanding care I received at Pullman Regional Hospital, I am asking you to support Proposition 1 and vote yes.

I grew up in Pullman and over the years have had to use the hospital for a variety of healthcare needs. I have lived out of the area, but when I come home to visit, I try to schedule routine appointments at Pullman Regional Hospital. They have outstanding customer service and state-of-the-art technology. They surpass anything that I have ever experienced at larger hospitals, and I think it is because they truly foster their customer service and set their own professional standards very high.

Please help Pullman Regional Hospital as they plan to grow along with our community and to provide the outstanding care that they are known for now and into the future.

Elizabeth Coen, Colton


I moved to Pullman three years ago after spending 33 years working at health care systems in cities of a million-plus population. I never worried about what health care options were available to me and my family. Choices were abundant. In a small rural setting, choices are not in abundance.

There are many reasons why I chose to work at Pullman Regional Hospital, but what sealed the deal was how progressive this hospital is. My background has provided me with a familiarity of rural hospitals and Pullman Regional Hospital is unlike any of the others. Many important health care services are provided at PRH that are lacking at other rural hospitals. Our CEO, administration, and leadership team have one goal in mind; provide excellent health care options for the citizens of Pullman.

I urge you to join me in voting yes on Proposition 1. Let’s expand services and work as a team in order to continue the next era of excellence for our community.

Jennifer Matera, PRH laboratory services director, Pullman


With the Pullman area continually growing and advancing, it is vital to have a local healthcare culture that is doing the same. In order to provide high-quality healthcare that it seamless and efficient, new space and resources are imperative. A new electronic medical record system can significantly improve connectivity, while increasing the space available can provide more necessary services in our area. Voting yes for Proposition 1 supporting Pullman Regional Hospital provides community members with an avenue for a healthier, more streamlined future in their personal healthcare journey.

Kaela Hamilton, Colfax


Imagine this: your body fails you. As humans, we all hope that day never comes. And yet, those of us who have experienced illness know that aging, death, and sickness are a part of life. Stories of illness, and also stories of hope, healing, and inspiration, are ever present for those who work in hospitals and medical clinics.

I have worked in health care for many years. I ask you to consider that positive health outcomes are facilitated both by the best people and the best tools. Medical equipment, training, staffing, culture, information systems and facilities are examples of tools that impact patient care.

Patient satisfaction scores at Pullman Regional Hospital are among the highest in the state and nation. Often when I work there, I hear directly from patients how exceptional the care is. I would like to see the hospital’s future safeguarded by Pullman residents on the Nov. 5 ballot.

The “Next Era of Excellence” bond levy proposes a new electronic medical record and additional space for specialty services, as well as continued access to primary care. Those who are chronically ill or lead busy lives would benefit from specialty services that are close to home, and conveniently located on one campus. A shared electronic health record would mean fewer tests and more timely care for you.

I encourage you to do your own research about the hospital bond. By voting yes on Proposition 1, you give your community a meaningful gift that will impact quality of life for your family and friends, for years to come.

Joyce Marshall, PRH director of medical nutrition therapy, Genesee


It is imperative that we have a hospital that is able to keep up with the expansive growth Pullman is currently experiencing. The community of Pullman has long been known for a having a strong focus on education, which has empowered our medical staff with the necessary knowledge and tools to help them provide the best care possible. Our hospital needs to keep up with cutting-edge technology in order to continue to provide the high quality of medical care our community has become used to and expects.

I am voting yes on Proposition 1. I am asking that each of you take the time to mark yes and return your ballots to support the passage of this important need for our community.

With a yes it says you support the needs of our current and future patients with: a campus-wide expansion to allow for current and future community growth, provide a place for medical residency education, bring a team-based care approach to coordinate the healthcare for patient convenience and have a community wide electronic medical record.

Again, I believe by supporting Proposition 1, we are securing our future healthcare needs and ensuring that our medical community continues to be the high quality one we all deserve.

Laurel Mitzel, Pullman


I am writing to urge you to cast your vote for Pullman Regional Hospital this election season. By voting yes, you allow our hospital to provide us the best possible care that modern technology and training has to offer.

As an employee at PRH for more than 10 years, I can assure you that patient care and convenience is highly valued. Expanding our electronic medical record system, training our doctors locally so that we can keep them here and all the other important programs that this bond will support are critical components to excellent care. I will be voting yes on Proposition 1 this November and I encourage you to do the same. Thank you so much for your support.

Kelly Sebold, Pullman

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