The power will always be with the people

Either I’m missing something or are Schumer and Pelosi running against Schiff in trying to become the biggest liars in Congress, or have they all lost their deranged minds.

In December, 2016, the Democrats were already putting together a plan to impeach president-elect Donald Trump and he wasn’t even sworn in yet. The article actually appeared in the December issue of Vanity Fair. Pelosi says this is a sad day and no cause for joy, and then she made the following stupid statement that we Democrats and Republicans need to put away our differences and put the country first.

May I ask what the hell have the bloody idiots been doing for the last three years? As with all Communists/Democrats, they want total control over every man, woman and child in America and the world. They are globalists. If JFK were alive today he would fire all the so-called Communists/Democrats. These people are a disgrace to the former Democrat party.

Schumer then adds, “We demand Republicans lawmakers investigate the so called whistleblower complaint regarding the telephone call between the President Trump and President Zelensky urging him to look into Bidens scandals.” What the hell is there to look into. Biden said on camera that he told the president of the Ukraine either you fire the prosecutor who is investigating my son, and you only have six hours to do this, or I will withhold one billion dollars.

The most important item to mention here is to reinforce the fact to every person who is an American knows, or should no, that all elected government personal sometimes forget that they are our servants and that they work for us as per the Constitution. George Washington wrote: “The power under the Constitution will always be in the people.”

Mike Beirens



Calls for transparency in Pullman are not new

Regarding Terence Day and Brandon Chapman’s recent calls for more transparency from the city staff regarding development, I want to point out that similar proposals have been made before.

In 2007 the League of Women Voters put several changes before the city.

The changes would have created forums for public input much like Day suggests. The impetus for the project was the same then as now: citizens were unhappy with the developments facilitated by city staff.

Spoiler: neither the city council nor city staff endorsed the changes.

And so here we are again. For more information read Alice Schroeder’s column in the Daily News from Nov. 7, 2007: “Eliminate development delays; involve community early.”

Roger Crawford


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