The key is nuclear power

Power is being cut to 800,000 Californians due to transmission lines. Recall that Germany attempted green with wind, solar and the electric battery while forsaking nuclear power. Germany is dependent on coal-fired power plants. Meanwhile, Germany’s green advocates are demonstrating against coal and fossil fueled automobiles. The German-Russian consortium will complete the Nord Stream 2 deep water gas pipeline. France is 80 percent nuclear and dealing with yellow vests due to carbon/fuel taxes.

Our politicians seem to be oblivious to viable solutions which involve exceedingly safe and reliable nuclear power. Nuclear units can be made compact, moveable and retrievable. Thorium reactors can be configured with little waste. Extract atmospheric carbon dioxide and produce clean “gasoline.”

Let’s unleash our region and this nation. Let’s be a commanding leader by producing large numbers of these compacts through public/private partnerships. Use compact nuclear power plants in California and elsewhere. Export compacts, education and infrastructure to poor energy deprived areas of our world.

Over time, these environmentally devastated areas could follow high energy-based nations that have stemmed population growth and are focusing on environmental restoration. This emphasis unquestionably beats participating in what is now a global crisis of democracy and America’s vapid political insincerity.

Gerald Weitz



Putin keeping Trump from further grift

Trump just sold $8 billion in arms to the Saudis without Congressional approval. Iran bombed Saudi Arabia and Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman hired Trump to teach them a lesson. Saudi Arabia and Iran are theocracies consisting of feuding sects. They’ve been killing each other for over 1,000 years but go berserk when infidels barge in and meddle. Prince Salmon would rather American Judeo-Christian demons kill his Islamic enemies no matter how vicious their internal crusades. The U.S. will always be the real villain.

But Russia has dealings with Iran and won’t let Trump screw with them so any attack would be superficial. So he placed ineffective sanctions on Iran just like he did on Russia as per Putin’s orders. Trump is also extorting Ukraine. He will give them weapons to resist Russia providing they manufacture dirt for his political gain. No matter what Ukraine’s President Zelensky fabricates, Trump will not supply Ukraine with arms that will really deter Putin. Like Iran, just enough light military action for a show.

Right now the only thing permitting our president to continue grifting in the White House is Vladimir Putin. If Trump disobeys him, it would be considered treason and Putin takes care of traitors like they did in the old days. Perfect.

Richard Strongoni



Try harder; baseball boxes belong in the newspaper

Thank you to the Daily News and Lewiston Tribune for the slightly expanded baseball coverage. Not good enough. Playoffs have started. What’s this? A decision to print baseball playoff box scores? Take my hand, I’m feeling faint. So, why now? What’s the difference besides fewer games?

Tribune sports editor Donn Walden (Lewiston Tribune, Oct. 6), made excuses for both sports pages with words about how his door is always open, the decision to not print baseball box scores was hard (wah), changing the front end system ( whatever that means ) made printing box scores challenging, blah, blah, blah. I used to track league leader’s stats, until this year.

This summer, the Daily News printed the Top Ten once. The Trib hasn’t printed the overall league stats in years.In my entire life, I’m 67, I have never subscribed to or read a newspaper that did not print baseball stats. Until now. This includes the Durango Herald in Colorado, where I attended college. Even they published box scores and their circulation is much smaller. I love pouring over this information every morning. Which truly sucks, because that leaves maggot Trump bloviating the air out of the infield.

However, I commend Mr. Walden for making a town hall meeting a possibility. Do it! I will attend, even if it means driving to Lewiston. But, the hypocrisy remains strong because both papers choose to print god football’s box scores. You know, the NFL, where concussions. brain damage and the glory of violence reigns supreme. And many large, formerly intelligent men are reduced to drooling and sometimes dead heaps.

What we seem to be getting are worries over not enough readers, space allowances or the cost of ink. Sorry, Mr. Walden, but your boss is correct, this is a hot button issue. It has me hot under the collar. Try harder.

Jim Roach



Keeping eyes on the ballot box at all times

The documentary now streaming on Hulu and Amazon has revived in us (alive in the heady days of 1972-74) a burning zeal for what a great nation we once were.

Impeachment is purely “political” in the very best sense. We didn’t try Nixon or Kissinger for their treasonous abortion of the Paris Viet Nam Peace Talks when they were still private citizens which added 21,000 US deaths of the 58,000 total.

We did not impeach Reagan for waging a war in Central America fought not with U.S. funds, but fueled by corporate and drug-traffic profits.

The “judicial” process of such crimes would likely have sunk the nation into strife not seen since our Civil War. But the juicy “politics” of impeachment is what we’re best at — and the Constitution authorizes it “in writing.” Goldwater and Scott told Nixon, “Dick, you only have 20 votes!”

He resigned the next day. Such is the certain power of the Rules of the House and Senate which cannot be reviewed in any other place — that’s written in our Constitution, too.

When we vote in final general elections — we must vote for the party more likely to advance our political desires. The rich or trivial personalities of our presidential candidates is only interesting in primaries.

Archibald Cox (fired by Nixon), on an earlier outing, had asked Senator McCarthy (and the nation) “have (we) at last no sense of decency?” Certain nonconviction in the Senate of the president is not the point — we must keep our “political” chops well-honed at “all” times. It is the only restraint we have not just on “politics,” but on true deep-state war crimes of our chief executives and their minions. We must keep their eyes on the ballot box at all times.

Ronald Hufham


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