Don’t destroy political yard signs; vote instead

We are in the midst of a Moscow City Council election campaign – there are six candidates running for three positions.

I hope people will make the effort to register to vote and to vote on or before Nov. 5. On Thursday, I was dismayed when I noted several candidate yard signs in Moscow had been defaced with spray paint. This is not the Moscow I have always found to be tolerant and inclusive. To paraphrase Clarence Darrow, I may disagree with your speech, but I will defend your right to speak. Posting a yard sign is a type of speech.

Residents have a right to ‘post’ a yard sign so long as it is not in the right-of-way and does not interfere with traffic. Others do not have the right to enter on private property to do damage. That could be both trespass and property damage. If you disagree with a candidate’s positions or statements, there are many ways to voice that disagreement.

Our Moscow Chamber of Commerce already has hosted a candidate forum. Latah AARP and Moscow League of Women Voters will be having similar forums. Those forums are open to the public. You may write a letter to the editor (there will be many), contribute to a candidate you support, talk with your friends and other potential voters to persuade them to vote for/against a given candidate, and other options – rather than defacing or destroying yard signs.

I hope this sort of action will not be repeated or tolerated. We have important choices to make and votes to cast. Please do not sink to the level of bigotry or intolerance represented by such vandalism.

Louise Regelin



Perhaps football coach is looking in a mirror

While I am not a football fan, someone needs to speak against what Mike Leach’s called his players: “fat, dumb, happy and entitled.”

Doesn’t that describe him?

These are students who play a game and are not his employees. He owes them and Washington State University alumni an apology and should not keep his job.

Kathy Graham


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