You can’t recover if you’re dead

She’s gone, now, even though he frantically tried to save her. Now, he’s trying to amend Washington law to help the next parents. To learn more, see the Rachel Meyers Foundation Facebook group.

Rachel was just 18 when she died from black market drugs of unknown composition. Scott tried everything to prevent that. He got her into rehab, but she skipped out. He even called the cops to get her arrested so that she would be safe for a while. See “Hopeless for Heroin,” Inlander, July 30 , 2015.

Scott asked doctors to stabilize Rachel and perhaps even wean her off the drugs to aid in her recovery or at least keep her stabilized and alive until she was ready to quit. Scott told me, “Wiley, unfortunately too many doctors interpret the Harrison act to mean that they CANNOT taper off or treat drug addicts in their private practice unless done with methadone, which is actually a very dangerous drug. (And) the DEA is riding them so hard that they are unwilling to accept the risk to their livelihood.”

There you have it. Rachel was killed by the government. It’s war on doctors is killing our kids – about 70,000 last year.

Let’s return the addict to the doctor’s office, keeping her alive, stabilized and successful in her livelihood, family and civic engagements. As it was before prohibition.

Reporting from the morgue, a natural feature of the war on doctors.

Wiley Hollingsworth



There are reasons candidates’ political signs were targeted

On Oct. 3 the Daily News reported that yards signs with the names of two Moscow City Council candidates — Kelsey Berends and James Urquidez — were vandalized throughout town. Many were spray painted with words like “Pedo” and “Scum.”

The article makes no mention as to why these two candidates were targeted. I have a feeling the Daily News knows the answer — but it almost appears as if the paper is afraid to acknowledge the candidates’ ties to a controversial figure and institutions in Moscow.

Devin Rokyta


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