Johnson the right pick for Pullman City Council

I am writing in support of Chris Johnson for Ward 1, Pullman City Council. I would love to say that I support Chris because he walks on water, has a cure for cancer, and can single-handedly bring a Target to the Palouse.

Since I can’t, what I can say is that Chris does have some amazing qualifications that I think will really benefit Pullman as we transition with this new city hall building and lots of interest from investors/developers in Pullman. Who wouldn’t want to invest here? But let’s help them to invest in Pullman in a way that honors our past and protects our future.

Chris has 8-plus years of municipal experience with strategic and comprehensive planning. He was the executive lead and senior project manager of a $30 million public project that won numerous awards and came in under budget. Who even does that nowadays? He’s a finance guy who is able to see the big picture and keep things on track.

Join me in voting Chris Johnson for Pullman City Council, and if you want, praying and working for an end to cancer, and to someday get that Target.

Laurel Nickels, Pullman


Voting Maureen Laflin for Moscow City Council

I support Maureen Laflin for Moscow City Council. I have known and collaborated with Maureen Laflin professionally and personally for 25 years, experiencing her committed dedication as a public servant for all. Her knowledge, her energy, her focus on issues of concern, her ability and energy to contact experts and citizens for input in areas outside of her expertise, and her reflection, not just on current implications but long-term consequences of decisions are all skills that Maureen Laflin brings as a candidate for a position on City Council.

Her numerous Idaho State and University of Idaho awards speak to the respect of colleagues among the wide perspectives of our legal and higher education communities.

In my interactions with Maureen as a Girl Scout co-leader, organizer of after-school activities and our activities as special education advocates, I have witnessed the respect she has from clients, neighbors and friends from all over Moscow. I can speak to her integrity, dedication, positive personal traits, and mediation abilities as both a professional and volunteer.

This is the type of candidate I want in my local government leadership: A talented and committed public servant who works for all residents. I can’t think of a better candidate for City Council and hope you vote for her.

Diane Baumgart, Moscow


Casting a vote for Zabala, Laflin, and Kelly

I am voting for Moscow City Council candidates who are critical independent thinkers: Zabala, Laflin, and Kelly. They realize that without laws, there is discrimination and they support the LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance enacted by the council in 2013. However, they have different viewpoints on other issues and I would not expect them to always agree on every issue. Each candidate is running her own campaign as an individual.

I want city councillors who think and study the issues. Zabala, Laflin, and Kelly will do this and have demonstrated their knowledge at various forums. I want candidates who are not being told what to say or to be loyal to only each other or some other authority.

The other City Council candidates appear to be running as a block. They marched together with a banner with all their pictures on it at the Homecoming Parade and they have a billboard with all their faces on it on the Latah Grain Grower’s elevator. Why are they so united? What is their commonality? If elected, will they vote as a block? Is a church influencing them?

On Nov.. 5, vote for independent critical thinking candidates, Vote for Zabala, Laflin and Kelly.

Linda Pike, Moscow


Please commit to being responsible pet owners

There were three little kittens who lost their mittens, but, fortunately, my wife spotted them dumped on the side of the road on her way home. Three defenseless kittens, dumped and left to survive on their own at five weeks old.

It took us three hours, with the help of our neighbor and his two daughters, to finally corral all three. They were cold, starving and dehydrated. If the coyotes hadn’t found them, the cold, hunger or lack of water would have probably been their end. Or perhaps the combine that harvested the field the next day.

They are in a loving foster home, and when old enough they will be spayed or neutered and put up for adoption by the wonderful, Whitman County Humane Society.

But we are left wondering, who does this to defenseless animals?

This is the third year in a row we have been in this situation, going into the cold weather, rescuing kittens. Because we are in the country and have an old barn, does not mean your problem should become our problem. Please, take responsibility for your animals, treat them with the kindness they deserve. Find them homes, bring them to Moscow or Pullman shelters, take them to your vets for advice, anything but leaving them to fend for themselves or dumping them at someone’s place in the country. We know we aren’t the only ones this happens to. Please be a responsible pet owner.

Ted Allegri, Cherle Poulson, Moscow


Ignoring population growth is ridiculous

I want to thank Antone G. Holmquist for reading my previous letter to the editor and for his response. The emphasis of my previous letter was that population growth was the most important driver to all our environmental problems including climate change, habitat loss, algae blooms, etc. If we are not able to move to a stable, sustainable population with zero growth then we will simply not be able to stop the degradation of this planet. Unfortunately, many environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, do not recognize the importance of population growth to our environmental problems. The Sierra Club adopted a policy in 1989 that immigration should be no greater than that which will permit zero population growth in the United States. Subsequently, for political and financial expediency, the Sierra Club abandoned this position. We need to achieve zero population growth if we are ever going to have any hope to stop climate change and help preserve our present world. Any environmental group or environmentalist that ignores population growth are the ones being ridiculous.

Dean B. Edwards, Moscow

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