Wondering who writer may have spoken with

Mr. Williams ( “Climate strike an example of parents exploiting youth,” Sept. 27 ), do you have any personal insight on the topic, or are you just a tadpole parroting Fox News? Have you spoken to any of the students in town? Have you spoken to their elders? Did you attend the Global Climate Strike rally in East City Park?

David Hall, Moscow


Plenty of evidence candidate works for all Moscow residents

Sandra Kelly shows her deep caring for Moscow not just in words, but with continual action and hard work. She cares that all residents of Moscow are included in the benefits of our community through her long-term efforts on the city’s Human Rights Commission. She cares for our city’s past and its future through her work on the Historic Preservation Commission. She cares that Moscow can share its sense of community and aesthetic sensibilities as she guides the Heart of the Arts in the 1912 Center as it president. And she has acted with deep concern for the health of our Palouse environment and what it means for Moscow’s economic future in her job at the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute. For years, Sandra has actively demonstrated again and again that she can work for all Moscow residents in a multitude of ways. I encourage everyone to support our open-minded, inclusive candidates in the upcoming city elections, people who support advancement in all sectors of our society. Consider which candidates have actively demonstrated interest in and accomplishments for our community as a whole, and then vote for Kelly, Laflin and Zabala.

Lyn Ate, Moscow


Voting Benjamin for Pullman City Council

I have made Pullman my home for over 40 years. My wife and I love this town, and have raised our family here. During much of that time I have known Francis Benjamin, and can attest to his honesty, frankness, and comprehension of the issues that face us. I have witnessed his service to our community on both the state and local levels, and have found him to share in my appreciation of our Pullman culture. His decade of serving previously on our City Council, and his time as co-chair of Pullman 2040 reveal a rare understanding and responsible commitment to our city’s future. I will vote for Francis Benjamin for Pullman City Council.

Curtis Troll, Pullman


Reader relies on voter guide, pleased it is online

For many years I have depended on the Voter Guide produced by the League of Women Voters of Moscow to educate myself on the candidates and issues. I also looked forward to the candidate forums sponsored by the league. Both platforms were very helpful in making my decision on the best candidates.

I am pleased to announce that we now have the Voter Guide available online at LWVmoscow.org and on Facebook at facebook.com/moscowlwv. The Voter Guide file is printable so you may read it online or print it for reading at a later time.

I look forward to seeing you at the candidate forum featuring the six candidates for the three open four-year seats on Moscow City Council. The forum will be 7- 9 p.m. today (Oct. 23) in the Great Room of the 1912 Center.

Liz Khosravi, Moscow

League of Women Voters Moscow co-president


Don’t believe what you read or hear about Trump

Don’t believe the fake news media. The only person we need to listen to is our president, Donald Trump. He is the greatest president the U.S. has ever had. He is a great leader. He has great and unmatched wisdom. Trust only him. The media is after him because he is a successful businessman and a successful president. He has made billions and billions of dollars. He is a successful deal maker who is making deals to make America great. Don’t believe what you read and hear in the news.

Vern Talaos, Potlatch


Representative wise to remember constituency

Although Washington’s 5th Congressional District Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers voted last week to oppose President Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria, her voting record in the past has been over 90 percent in line with Trump’s policies and wholly self-interested and often un-Constitutional dictates.

Rep. McMorris’ nearly unwavering loyalty to support of our inept, immoral and even criminal president, is not representative of the voters of her Washington district, 45 percent of whom voted for her opponent in the 2018 election.

This tally would indicate that she is voting against the interests and wishes of almost half of her constituency when voting almost unwaveringly in line with Trump. If McMorris Rogers were honestly dedicated to democratic representation, she would weigh her voting behavior more carefully, and take a much more moderate position that might help save our country from the continued reign of terror by the villain currently in the oval office. Those responsible and truly patriotic Washington voters in her district who wisely oppose Trump should remind her that they exist.

Richard Shafer, Pullman


Claim about Trump, climate change ridiculous

I agree with Dean B. Edwards (Daily News letter, Oct. 19) that the ever-expanding world population is an existential threat to the health and survival of life on this planet. However, to claim that “President Trump, in trying to enforce our immigration laws, is doing more to prevent climate change than the Sierra Club” is ridiculous. Domestically, he has tried his best to restrict family planning and even more importantly, he has expanded the “Mexico City Policy” first implemented by the Reagan administration. This “global gag rule”, prohibiting U.S. aid to foreign NGOs that provide, promote or even mention abortion as an option, has led to the shuttering of family planning clinics in the very parts of the world that desperately need them. These same clinics have also been important resources in the fight against HIV and other diseases such as tuberculosis.

United States foreign policy in Central America has helped cause many of the problems which have led to the flow of refugees from these countries. The Trump administration’s policies will only add to the suffering of these people and propel more refugees toward our border.

Antone G. Holmquist, Moscow

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