Kelly is wise choice for a vibrant Moscow

Moscow needs to be making smart choices for our future: Dependable water, smart energy and inclusive economic development, to name a few of the needed decisions. The question really isn’t so much about Moscow growing, but Moscow growing while retaining itself as a vibrant community with a good quality of life.

That is why I’m supporting Sandra Kelly for City Council. She understands the need for Moscow to balance the economics and physical political pains (including streets and waste treatment) along with the arts, some of the seemingly “little” issues which make our community a great place to live. Sandra has a logical approach to city issues, honed from years of experience serving on two city commissions plus several not-for-profit organizations. This dedication to our community has well prepared her for the complexities facing Moscow.

Sandra Kelly is logical and fair, deeply concerned about our quality of life here on the Palouse. Please vote on Nov. 5, and vote for Sandra Kelly for City Council.

Becky Tallent



Aquifer issues continue to be discussed on the Palouse

Leonard C. Johnson, in his letter ,“It’s been a decade, and water issues have not receded” ( Sept.28 & 29), brings up some good points.

However, he states that “approximately a decade ago water supply conferences were convened … but rather soon they were discontinued.”

The Palouse Basin Water Summit continues. This year’s summit, the 16th annual, will be held from 4:30-8:30 p.m.. Oct. 10, at the SEL Event Center in Pullman. Learn more at

In addition, the Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee continues to meet monthly, alternating between Pullman and Moscow. They are slowly shifting from research to seeking on-the-ground solutions.

David Hall



Pullman deserves the best healthcare; Prop. 1 is key

The community of Pullman has long been known to be proactive, focused on health and highly values education. That is why you should vote yes for Proposition 1 to support Pullman Regional Hospital.

They are planning to expand their campus to allow for current and future community growth, provide a place for medical residency education, bring a team- based care approach to coordinate the healthcare for patient convenience and have a community-wide electronic medical record.

By supporting them, we are securing our future healthcare needs and ensuring that our medical community continues to be the high quality one we all deserve.

Darin Porter


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