Prop. 1 helps fulfill goals of Pullman 2040 effort

Pullman 2040 is a visioning process that started more than four years ago. This process began with a few simple questions – Where do you take visitors? What places do you avoid when you have visitors? What words do you use to describe Pullman today, and what words would you like to use to describe Pullman in 2040? From that simple approach, we heard a resounding community voice on multiple focal points. One of those points was a “healthy and safe” community. The community voice was clear in that a strong and forward-thinking healthcare system was of primary importance to the people of Pullman.

From community input, we recognized the following projects, details of which can be found at Wellness Space; Physician Residency; Regional Wellness; Care Coordination; Behavioral Health; Whitman County Health Network.

As you can see, many projects, both current and upcoming, are directly related to the mission of the Pullman Regional Hospital, and Prop. 1 helps to achieve some of these community goals. On behalf of the Pullman 2040 Committee, we wish to offer our unreserved endorsement for the “Next Era of Excellence” project for our community and Prop 1.

Garren Shannon and Francis Benjamin

Pullman 2040 co-chairs


Works for hospital and believes in its mission

As an emergency physician and medical director of emergency services, I understand what a wonderful hospital Pullman Regional Hosptial is. Over my 16-plus years of work experience at Pullman Regional Hospital, I’ve seen the hospital, now health system, respond to the evolving care needs of the community. We currently have another opportunity to expand care and improve services.

Pullman Regional Hospital exists solely to help provide care of the community. I believe the care we deliver is mission-driven and heartfelt. I not only work at the hospital, but believe so much in the mission that our family gives back financially what we can.

Through multiple sources of funding, including the bond measure, we have an opportunity to improve care in a big way. Please vote for healthcare in Pullman by voting yes on Prop. 1.

Pete Mikkelsen


Medical director of emergency services at Pullman Regional Hospital


Need for quality healthcare growing along with Pullman

Pullman is growing and the need for healthcare is growing right along with it. In order to be sure that we can keep up with the technology and growth and maintain the amazing quality of healthcare that we have come to expect, it is crucial that we all vote yes and support Proposition 1 for Pullman Regional Hospital. Please mark yes on your ballots and return them to support this important measure.

Anna Kinyanjui



Plenty of reasons to vote Laflin in Moscow

I support Maureen Laflin for City Council for many reasons. I have known her since she joined the faculty at the University Of Idaho College Of Law many years ago. She is a dedicated and conscientious lawyer, teacher and administrator.

She has served our community in many ways; most impressively as director of the Law Clinic. She worked tirelessly on behalf of the many victims of the Syringa Mobile Home Park who suffered from neglect and months without potable water. She has been awarded honors for her legal accomplishments, her leadership, and her volunteer work. She was instrumental in establishing the Nez Perce Peacemaker’s Program on the Nez Perce Reservation and establishing the first Small Claims Mediation Program in Idaho.

Her many talents and skills will serve the City of Moscow very well, especially her expertise in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. She is the type of person we want in local government leadership. She seeks other people’s opinions, she listens carefully to every person and every proposition, she looks for areas of agreement, she strives to be objective and impartial and she is keen on finding creative and integrative solutions. In addition to bringing her years of experience to the job, she brings her commitment to public service and her concern for the welfare of all our citizens. I can think of no better candidate for City Council, and I hope everyone votes for her.

Myron Schreck



Offended that hospital wants us to fund expansion

Regarding the bond vote for Pullman Regional Hospital, I am not shocked, but I am deeply offended that the hospital is so brazen as to try and get the people to pay for their business to expand. How many and what other businesses are we supposed to pay for improvements? Restaurants? Auto repair shops? Daycare? Are we going to be expected to fund their improvements also? Or is Pullman Regional Hospital so special? Why would the very people who pay for services be expected to fund expansion, which benefit the profiteers? Are we really expected to pay for more profits? Pullman Regional Hospital is a business, and they can pay for their expansion, plain and simple. I will be voting no, and I hope everyone else will vote no also, and send the business community the message that this is not acceptable.

Scott Storch


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