Thanks to a forward-thinking Moscow High School student named Rosemary Adams, some bathrooms at MHS will now offer free menstrual products.

Although often a taboo topic, menstruation is a part of the female anatomy, and there's no convenient way to avoid it.

Because of this, companies know they can charge outrageous prices and the so-called "pink tax" on these items in order to make more money, since as much as one might want to, a woman cannot typically get away with simply ignoring her period.

Due to the high prices, some low-income families are not able to purchase pads and tampons when needed. And although most women you run into on the street will have feminine products in their bag, you can't always count on it. Plus, it's an awkward thing to ask for, especially when you're young and still coming to terms with your body and any embarrassment you might be experiencing with your period.

Many schools and health offices have free condoms available, a part of an effort to not give people any reason to have an unwanted pregnancy. And while a woman's period is quite the opposite of an accidental pregnancy, there is one major distinction between the reason to provide condoms and the reason to provide menstruation products: one is completely within your control - the other is not.

A woman cannot control when she has her period unless she's on birth control, and even then, that just gives her a ballpark for when menstruation will start. Young women who are still getting used to how their bodies work and likely have irregular periods often struggle to get in the habit of remembering to keep a pad or tampon accessible just in case.

These young women have so many other things to worry about. Remembering to have feminine products on them shouldn't have to be one of them.

Adams' efforts should be applauded, and we hope to see this trend spread beyond MHS. Health products - pads, tampons, condoms and more - should be readily available, and no student should be distracted by questions of how they will meet their body's needs, whether hunger or health.

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