Show love for others

Every time a COVID-19 virus jumps from one human to another, it gets stronger and meaner. And it multiplies like crazy. We have to stop its jumping and multiplying.

Doctors have been wearing masks in operating rooms for decades, so as not to infect their patients. I’m sure no one would want to have surgery performed by a maskless doctor, and risk having the doctor sneeze or breathe germs into the wound. Masks are effective. And doctors are able to function and perform highly technical procedures while wearing a mask. Masks may be annoying but they don’t reduce oxygen to the brain.

As for vaccines, millions of COVID-19 vaccines have been given with no known complications. And while it may be argued they don’t always prevent you from getting or spreading the virus, they do prevent you from dying or having to go to the hospital due to the virus.

That translates into a miniscule risk for a huge benefit.

The doctors, nurses, therapists, and staff of our hospitals and clinics are exhausted and demoralized. They can’t bear another surge of COVID-19 patients. The system is in danger of collapsing and then there will be no one to treat the heart attacks, car accidents, appendicitis or broken bones.

Show love for yourself, your neighbors, your health care workers and your community.

Stop these little buggers from jumping to the next human by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask in public.

There is no good reason not to.

Constance Brumm


Electric buses a big win

A brief note of thanks to the staff at Pullman Transit for securing two new all-electric buses. While their arrival was featured July 3 in The Daily News, only recently have we encountered them as they drive our streets. As homeowners along one of Pullman’s many bus routes, the reduction in engine noise has been significant and we are tremendously grateful. Coupled with zero emissions, these two coaches are a big win-win for our city. Thank you!

Phil and Alison Mixter


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