His own version of science

King Chuck Pezcheski, once again, proclaims the science behind masks is erroneous. Pezcheski says he “read the science,” but, apparently cherry picks his version of “science.”

In his Aug. 14 column, Pezcheski unfairly ridiculed National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director and excellent scientist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and vented mask misinformation in reference to Dr. Michael Osterholm. In an NBC interview, Osterholm expressed frustration toward people who misuse his words. He said, “Stop mischaracterizing my comments about face masks. So anyone who claims I don’t think masks are important, they are just plain wrong. There is no question we’re going to see outbreaks in schools with this delta variant.”

Osterholm said the B.1.1.7 variant is a “brand new ball game. It infects kids very readily.” He said it will have an increasing transmissibility in schools — kids to kids. Osterholm said, “We must expect major outbreaks. We must have adequate masking.”

Primary care provider Dr. Kavita Patel told bringmethenews, “Yes, in my opinion, masks are a minimal trouble, and ‘do as I say, not as I do’ is confusing to kids. Besides, until more adults are vaccinated, masks are our best defense. If they’re masking at school events, soccer practice or in indoor settings, I’d recommend that parents do so as well.”

There’s lots more, including insight from pulmonologist Dr. Vin Gupta who will “mask his 4-year old.” I get it, your majesty, there are a significant range of problems related to wearing masks for hours on end. But parents simply want honest answers.

Unfortunately, simple, honest answers disappear as rapidly as misinformed proclamations multiply. I’m frustrated that we’ve reached this point, especially concerning people with superiority complexes. However, my frustration over this disease won’t be because I was blinded by science, Chuck. Scientists are saying masks and vaccines are the lone effective deterrents to the virus.

Jim Roach


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