Biden is a senior statesman

Why I may not vote for Joe Biden: He likes ice cream better than caviar. He’s a jock who caught 19 touchdown passes for his undefeated team. He’s Catholic, only one out of 70.5 million in U.S. He’s a stutterer and a prankster who sprayed his dorm advisor with a fire extinguisher. He’s part Irish (Finnegan), looks like a big Leprechaun, a poor man who borrowed money on his second date from Neilia, a bragger — told mother-in-law he would be president — and a loser who ran for president twice and lost.

If Paul Harvey were here, he might say, “Now for the rest of the story.” As a “newbie” in the U.S. Senate, he voted to end the Vietnam War. From 1973-2009, he sponsored 1,011 and cosponsored 3,374 pieces of legislation, reached across the aisle on more than one occasion, worked with Orin Hatch to pass Violence against Women Act with $1.6 billion of support, and as a champion of fairness he supported the McCain-Feingold bill for Campaign finance reform and denounced the Citizen United decision.

During his tenure as vice president, he continued his three-decade service on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by playing a leading role in policy decisions on Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine. As vice president he did the heavy lifting in 2010 to pass the Affordable Care Act to provide health coverage for 20 million uninsured Americans and in 2014 under the AFCA 129 million people with preexisting conditions were also covered. He also demonstrated his courage by announcing he was in favor of gay marriage.

“Sleepy Joe” has never been asleep. He is a senior statesman. He is an honest, intelligent, compassionate human being. Granted he is imperfect but willing to admit his mistakes, learn, change and move on. In these troubling and perilous times we need a captain to stir the Good Ship America to a bright tomorrow.

Stan Smith


You have a choice

May I say I’m not trying to preach to anyone, I’m just trying to use common sense. I believe this is going to be the most important election in the history of America. Whatever party you vote for is up to each individual.

One party, the Democratic Party, if you are old as me and go back to JFK, I believe he would turn in his grave to see what has happened to his party. In the 1960s, the American Communist Party said that Americans will never accept communism but they will accept socialism and from that point, these Marxists have penetrated the Democratic Party and virtually destroyed what it once stood for.

When you vote in November, look at what I believe are the two most important items. A party that allows free range on abortion, or as the governor of Virginia said, you may even kill the child after the birth. When did it become a right to kill? God gave us free agency to choose. You can choose either a party that kills children (abortion) or a party that respects life. One party that wants to eliminate God, or one party that promotes free choice to go to church or not.

One last question if anyone can answer this, I would be grateful. Why do the rioters always choose the middle-class areas to destroy? In Los Angeles for instance, no Antifa has taken the mobs up to the three Bs (Brentwood, Bel Air or Beverly Hills).

In Portland, why have they not chosen Lake Oswego, or in Seattle, Mercer Island? I only ask this question because I think I’m missing something, as I believe we all are. A rich man asked the question? How many people are there in the world that really matter.

Mike Beirens


Their lives do matter

Let us declare that Black lives matter, too. Let me join my voice with Laurel Nickels’, asking that our declaration be created in a medium more permanent than paint on asphalt. (Letter, Aug. 14). And could we please locate that thing centrally, like at Butch’s Park — Grand and Olsen — placing Laurel’s sign, “Together we can end racism,” near to the sidewalk — and let’s place a husky dog, facing Butch, in mirror image position, symbolic of everyone getting along together.

I believe that BLM does “speak, in a significant way, to a larger portion of the community.” A minority population is speaking to the majority population, saying, “Hey! Our lives matter.” They have to bring us to their side, because it’s we white folk who have crafted and who still maintain institutional means of oppression. It’s we white folk who need to deconstruct oppression. So, where to begin?

Let’s repeal the easily identifiable legislation that was designed to oppress the minority and poor populations. Now is the time to bring forward the scholarship and the citizen input. I offer drug prohibition, as a gory example.

Possibly the most important man in Washington state history is George Washington Bush, a black man. Before our state was a territory, it was jointly governed by Britain and America. Bush helped so many Americans settle here, that the British withdrew to Canada. When Washington became a territory, the racial exclusion laws came with it. (“What systemic racism?” white people ask.) The legislature passed a unanimous exception for the Bush family. That’s how important he was in the settlement of our state.

In addition to the work at Cougar Park, let’s rename Grand Avenue, George Washington Bush Avenue. And let’s change the name of Jefferson Elementary to George Washington Bush Elementary.

Wiley Hollingsworth


Have we lost common decency?

I’m not writing this post to argue the point of wearing a mask or not. That discussion has been labored for over seven months. Most people have already made that decision for themselves and no amount of discussion will change that.

The point of this letter is to address the issue of kindness.

In our small town, many businesses request customers to wear a mask. Other businesses do not. Of those that request mask wearing, there is usually a large sign at the store front pointing this out. Oftentimes there is an employee there, to “remind” the customer to wear a mask. Often these employees are young high school kids, directed to stand there and “remind” people of the mask policy.

My young neighbor works at one of these stores. She has been harassed, laughed at and intimidated, for asking people to honor the store policy. She is in high school.

She will remember how her fellow citizens treated her, with disrespect and hostility. She is doing a job, asked by her employer and being paid minimum wage, for that job.

Have we become so unkind and disrespectful of our fellow citizens and youth as to harass them, just to prove a point? Have we lost simple common decency.

I’m saddened to think we have come to this. These kids are just doing a job. These kids are our kids. There is no reason to be mocking, cruel or intimidating. If you feel you must say something unkind then maybe it’s time to do some self-evaluation and shop elsewhere.

Ryan Law


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