Trivial matters for columnist

Christine Flowers wrote a remarkably trivial column about Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to a hair salon. Her sneering remarks, especially in the last full paragraph, tell me that she has missed something. Has she paid any attention at all to President Trump’s behavior?

Has she noticed his comments about various people in the US Armed Forces, as well as his dishonest denials about those comments? Has she noticed Trump’s remarkably incompetent handling of the corona virus pandemic? Has she noticed the many lies he has told about the pandemic — along with countless other subjects? Did she notice the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Russian involvement in the 2016 election and the many contacts between people in the Trump campaign and the Russians?

Does she know that this contradicts many things that Trump has said and tweeted? Did she hear about the Administration’s efforts to reduce intelligence analyses of the Russian activities in our 2020 election?

Perhaps she prefers to write about trivial matters and to ignore the rampant and much more dangerous hypocrisy and misconduct in the Trump Administration.

David Nice


The taint of his character

I am not a loser. My friends and peers who died on 9/11 and its consequences (Iraq/Afghanistan) are not losers. We are veterans who served the country from the heart and signed up knowing the risks we took to protect the nation. As people in the area remember 9/11 while supporting the president, they should consider that the same president sees the dead heroes as “losers and suckers” for sacrificing for this country.

I was stationed at Fort Belvoir on 9/11 and lost friends and colleagues in the Pentagon. My former sergeant major led the rescue efforts from Arlington National Cemetery as soon as the plane hit. These people are heroes who deserve to be honored, not insulted. We didn’t join for the money, we joined for love of country.

I respect Beau Biden, Dan Crenshaw, Tammy Duckworth, Adam Kinzinger and other veterans serving in politics. We all swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and lived that oath since. I can only wish that there were a real man in the White House who respected that oath and valued the Constitution. The Mercenary-in-Chief only believes in money, not sacrifice, values or the Constitution. His belief that anyone who fights for anything other than personal benefit and money is a “sucker” is an insult to all veterans. People in this region disproportionately serve in the military and deserve more than contempt and insults from the president. As he wraps himself in the flag, I just want to wash the taint of his character off the flag.

Reid Atwood


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