A no-brainer

Although It started off hopeful, summer has not progressed favorably. With COVID-19 vaccinations gaining steam many of us looked forward to a more normal summer with typical summertime activities. However as the summer progressed the delta variant gained ground, the anti-vaxers and anti-maskers rose up, and it seems we are now nearly back to where we were before.

At the same time the U.S. and the world have been dealing with a plethora of climate disasters including unprecedented flooding, wildfires, smoke, hurricanes, droughts and more. Using new methods, scientists can now tell us how much more likely these events are in our current climate change-impacted world than previously thought. This summer has been climate disaster stacked on COVID-19 disaster stacked on climate disaster. It seems the doubters of climate change science are suddenly very quiet, as hundreds of millions of people struggle with climate disasters.

Many of us were hopeful that a new federal administration would mean significant action on climate change. However, those hopes remain distant, and it is imperative for us to work at other levels of government. Moscow RF100 and Climate Justice League have a petition (bit.ly/3fC1WwO) urging the Moscow City government to work towards 100 percent clean, sustainable energy for our community. Clean energy has the dual advantages of being free of earth-damaging greenhouse gas pollution, and also free of human health-damaging emissions, both typical of dirty fossil fuel energy production. Our petition currently has almost 400 signatures. As one recent signer said: “Well that’s a no-brainer, why would you want dirty energy?”

We will be presenting our petition at the Sept. 20 city council meeting at 7 p.m. Gather at Friendship Square starting at 6 p.m. One week later on September 27 the Moscow Council will hold a critical workshop on climate change — don’t miss it!

Al Poplawsky