Memories of Pullman

There was something magical about those late, hot summer nights in Pullman. Then it was WSC, circa 1958. Maybe it was just this young, ponytail coed. Double dating and trying to desperately pass a summer school science course. Or maybe it was just the wonderful fresh fruit and rich dessert and The Commons.

Or maybe it was our speech professor, Dr. Veatch, or music director, Randall Spicer, who personified the musical community. The Big Sky held a fascination with the aroma of butter popcorn which permeated the air and if we were fortunate enough to catch a rootin-tootin’ cowboy show at that drive in or it just could have been a kiss from our cute date.

Maybe it was Burgerville that became a must-stop institution. Pelton’s Pizza was there on Main Street and for a few dollars you can get a meal, drink and change in your pocket. And if we felt rich we would walk from campus to Hilltop and for $2.99 you can get a rib steak, curly fries and a drink. Somehow it was always a fun weekend that culminated in the majestic sounds of Simpson Methodist Church, the pipe organ, which permeated the campus on a Sunday morning.

Anyway, that’s the way I remember it! A college dropout who happily transferred to Colfax to get married.

Carol Stueckle


Rule of law, and the vote

The heyday of the Republican majorities in Congress occurred in 2017. They spent their political capital to reduce taxes, mostly for the rich and the ultra-rich. Money is power, power is money, and both work to undermine democracy. All of this is being done to weaken our system of checks and balances, to give Trump and Republicans more power and more money.

When Trump was elected, though shocked, some people said that his worst instincts would be kept in check by our system of checks and balances. Let’s review this: Appointees who reported Trump’s abuses, such as the Ukraine favor phone call; others, like the inspector general investigating Pompeo, were fired. Barr acts as Trump’s personal lawyer, not for us. Why did he weaken the Justice Department by firing U.S. attorneys? To block investigations and lawsuits against Trump.

What about Congress for checks and balances? Thankfully, the 2018 election brought some. Republicans could have convicted Trump after the impeachment but they failed. The Senate majority leader protects Trump. Now nicknamed “Moscow Mitch,” he helped get Russian money for a factory in Kentucky. Is that how those dots, Putin, Trump and Mitch connect?

Two things protect us. One is our judicial system which rules against Trump’s actions. The other is our November election. A vote for Trump is a vote for more corruption; a vote for Biden and for Democratic candidates for the Senate and House will help save this great experiment: the United States of America.

Mark Bordsen


Plenty of instances

Just how many instances of chaos and incompetence does one need to conclude that Donald Trump is unfit to be president? We all should be very frightened that his lies, misdeeds, promotion of voter suppression and foreign intervention in our election might result in another four years of this.

Below are but a few of his egregious attacks on our country’s values, constitutional norms and global alliances.

— His complete denial of the hazards of climate change to the earth’s survival and overturning numerous environmental safeguards, thereby increasing pollution.

— His inept handling of the Covid pandemic, insisting the virus is “of minor consequences” despite nearly 200,000 deaths in the United States.

— His demeaning attitude toward military heroes as “suckers” and “losers.”

— His handling of the southern border immigration crisis by caging children separated from their parents.

— His aiding and abetting the world’s most despotic dictators.

— His bankruptcies to avoid repayment of contracted debt, his refusal to allow his taxes to be revealed, his false statements to banks and insurance companies and his money laundering schemes.

— His illegal use of a bogus charitable foundation and numerous violations of the Hatch Act.

Do we really want more of this? It is high time to vote this dangerous, vindictive, narcissistic president out of office Nov. 3.

Joanne Reece


Daily News sets bad example

The Daily News management made a big point of encouraging people to be more civil in their writing. The continual stream of pejorative cartoons and negative comments or tirades against President Trump is more than a little annoying and wearing, as well as setting a very poor example.

How about the Monday morning quarterbacks, who do nothing but find fault, suggesting some positive actions that would help the country move in a productive direction. It is easy to find fault after the fact, especially when half of the Congress is doing everything in their power to derail any positive actions President Trump attempts to take. Point out that this Congress is probably the least productive ever because of their focus on destroying the President rather than cooperating or doing anything positive for the country.

The horrible example the democrats set in questioning Supreme Court nominees is now showing up all over the country in disrespectful and worse behavior and is giving those who would destroy the United States sad opportunities to possibly accomplish their goals.

We have been blessed beyond most of our imaginations to live in this country. Unless we want to risk this country becoming a Venezuela, there will need to be a significant drop in the incivility manifest in many arenas and an encouragement of the positive that we can accomplish working together. The media should be leading in recognizing and encouraging what is good for the country rather than fostering the incivility as is presently occurring.

The Daily News should do its part by setting a better example.

Larry Kirkland


The man who would be king

Beware. This man who would be king wants you to support his efforts to undo more than 240 years of democracy. He describes himself as the “law and order” president. That is fitting since he frequently and flagrantly breaks the law and lacks any order.

His unmasked supporters chanted “12 more years” — eight more years than is legal. He stated that he wants to delay the election and might not concede if he loses. If he loses, the election is rigged. He says voting by mail is not secure and allowed removal of sorting machines and mail boxes. He told supporters at a rally to vote twice, a felony. Finally, he threatens to send federal agents to polling stations. He stated that his chances are better if fewer people vote.

He has created doubt and mistrust in our voting system that is the basis of our democracy. Our voting rights are our voice and we must not be intimidated during this pandemic.

This is not a normal election. We have a president who lies, flaunts the law, and will do anything to hold on to power. We have a man who wants to be king. There is a good alternative in Biden/Harris. Biden/Harris respect the law and are experienced at working within the system not against it.

Get your absentee ballot and mail it early or drop it in a ballot box at your county courthouse or vote at the polls, but vote.

Linda Pike


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