Follow the money

Whom do we believe, a bumbling, stumbling unelected old fool in the White House, along with his visible and (invisible) overlords, or reputable nongovernmental organizations like America’s Frontline Doctors and their sympathizers? It’s a no brainer for me. I go with American Frontline Doctors.

New studies by them and many other qualified medical professionals and virologists confirm that vaccines produce trillions of harmful spike proteins in the body, which can also do irreparable damage to the brain and reproductive system. Even reportedly, Pfizer’s own documentation warns that vaccinated people shed excessive spike proteins, putting unvaccinated people at risk.

So who are the real “predators,” and who are the “prey?” Are those 80 million U.S. citizens, against whom, recently, this phony president declared war, the proverbial “hunters?”

Or, as increasing numbers of us believe, are they not, rather, the “hunted?” I think, perhaps, we need to establish in the collective mind a reversal of roles. It’s the vaccinated who pose the real threats, not the unvaccinated.

When will people begin to understand that a few obscenely wealthy CEOs of Big Pharma are raking in billions at public expense? Of course, they’re pushing the jab. Why wouldn’t they? And, of course, they’re resisting alternative medicines like Ivermectin. Again, why wouldn’t they? They don’t make a dime on the distribution of Ivermectin. Folks, just follow the money!

But I think it may be too late though. (Our lord’s mother can no longer stay his hand of judgment.) By 2025, a nation of 300 million plus may well be reduced to under a 100 million citizens. Such are some projections. But it won’t be COVID-19 or its alleged “variants” that strike millions down. The real killers will be expensive, hastily conceived and tested, “gene therapies” posing as legitimate vaccines.

Tim Moore


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