A balanced-budget amendment

As a great-grandma, I’m so glad Cathy McMorris Rodgers knows the simple truth that federal debt grows so much larger every day. This is a burden we pass down to not only our children but grandchildren, and in my case great-grandchildren, and I am glad she supports a balanced-budget amendment.

It is well overdue and we the people who have to take financial responsibility with our own funds the same should be true of the federal government as well. We need Cathy to return to the House as she keeps her eyes on the next generations and supports a balanced-budget amendment. Nov. 3, vote for Cathy McMorris Rodgers to again support and represent us.

Alice White


The democracy yousave could be your own

Michael Caputo, the assistant secretary of public affairs for the Department of Health & Human Services, has attempted to change, delay and edit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 scientific reports. He found them unflattering to President Trump because the reports’ data didn’t align with the president’s downplaying and “turned the corner” messaging. Caputo has asserted (without presenting a scrap of evidence) that a cabal of deep state CDC scientists is using the real data in a plot to defeat Trump.

What hasn’t been widely reported about Mr. Caputo is that he moved to Russia in 1994. While there he worked for Russia’s Gazprom Media to improve Vladimir Putin’s image in the United States. He also worked on political campaigns in the Ukraine, and then on Trump’s campaign.

He was subsequently investigated as part of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s investigation into interference by Russia in the 2016 presidential election. And wait … there’s more. But, sorry, you’ll need to follow up yourself.

There’s a firehose of information coming out about the incompetence, corruption and national security risks posed by the “best people” working in the Trump administration and I’ve got to go see what’s next.

Vote carefully, the democracy you save could be your own.

Karen Swoope


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