From an ‘emotional’ woman

According to Dennis Prager, as a woman I am “too emotional” to be able to make good, rational decisions and yet somehow, I seem to have the ability to indoctrinate small children. Really? Well, Mr. Prager, I am emotional when I read that the leader of the Idaho GOP, Dorothy Moon, requested that several Idaho companies and Idaho state agencies rescind their support of the Boise Pride parade and celebration. Several did, including Idaho Power, Zions Bank, and Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Instead of supporting our LGBTQ+ youth and families, the GOP and these institutions instead choose to demean and shun Idaho residents they don’t agree with. Shameful.

Absolutely I am emotional that educators and librarians throughout Idaho are worried about their jobs and their security, because members of the GOP are determined to tell all Idahoans what they can and cannot read and what they can and cannot learn.

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