Your choice

We, the people of the United States and also the world, have been given a very great gift. It is called free agency along with common sense. The present government is led by a puppet and behind the curtain is Obama in his third term.

Space does not allow me to explain all that is going on but if you use your common sense, you will see what is happening to our country. We are being led down the path to hell and a great majority are asking for a ticket. We have been sold to the globalists (i.e. Soros, the frontman). If you wish to see what is coming, I refer you to George Washington’s vision at Valley Forge, which basically covers what is going on at present.

Now we can go with the flow or again read what George Washington said to the soldiers at the battle of Long Island. He told his soldiers the fate of our nation and the lives of untold millions of future Americans is laid in their hands and that the courage, tenacity, and conduct of this army hold the future of this nation.

The present government is, may I say, the enemy of the people. They are as cruel and unrelenting in the conduct as any enemy that we have faced. We have placed before us a choice. Do we follow like sheep going to the slaughter or do we stand as a free people and say “NO MORE.”

Biden and minions his are not only enslaving us but also destroying our nation. We are a republic; the government is supposed to work for us. We must tell the government we have a Constitution therefore you either live by it or get out of the way. That is your choice.

Mike Beirens


Life, death and probability

I have been fortunate to beat the odds. When I was born in 1944, I was supposed to die. I lived. As I have grown older, I have come to appreciate chance and probability. My favorite constellation, Orion, and the vast array of visible stars in the sky enrich my life at night. I will keep embracing the heavens knowing that the chance of being hit by a meteorite are 1 in 250,000. To my fellow stargazers, keep on watching.

The movie Jaws was really frightening and the big bites are ample reason to stay out of the ocean. Since I live in landlocked Idaho, my chance of being eaten by a shark are zero. But to my coastal cousins, keep on swimming. The chance of being eaten by a shark are 1 in 5 million. We are more likely to die by falling out of bed (1 in 2 million). Enjoy your sweet dreams minus the occasional nightmares that occasionally come our way.

I gamble occasionally by buying a few Mega Million and Powerball tickets. Tickets to my fantasy are cheaper than the movies and bring to mind the question, “If I won, what would I do?” The chance of winning Mega is 1 in 302,575,350 and Power Ball 1 in 292,201,338. I will continue to buy my fantasy tickets.

Russian Roulette is a game that dramatically increases your chance of dying. I will change the game. Not one shell but five shells and ask you to squeeze the trigger. Any sane person would say, “Are you crazy!!” My question to the unvaccinated is, are you crazy? Currently 98 percent of deaths are unvaccinated, with no beds for those needing elective surgery, and 7,925 new cases daily. Please choose to live. Get vaccinated!

Stan Smith


Enjoy it while we can

James Becker of Spokane (letter, Spokesman-Review, July 8) says “the problem with Critical Race Theory is that it is unremarkable.” And he says that every conquering culture has always set things up for its own power, the conquered culture being assimilated or eliminated. That’s true of America, too, with a bright sliver of difference: “as flawed as our Founding Founders were, they created a nation based on ideas that would finally confront injustice.” And “in spite of our own history, we are the culture that challenges injustice and works for change. It is a trait found almost nowhere outside our often critiqued Western culture. We must treasure it.” Thank you, James Becker!

He warns us that China’s communist party’s clear intent is to replace us as the world’s dominant power, and treat the world as it treats its citizens, “eliminating any vestige of freedom from its people’s lives, crushing any dissent, and enslaving other people (e.g. the Uyghurs).”

What might life in America look like, dominated by China’s communist party? We have but to look at Latin America’s life, dominated by us: military occupations, puppet governments, CIA-lead regime changes, exploitation of nature and humankind. What we did unto them, will probably be done unto us. Poetic justice.

In freedom’s last decades, let’s enjoy it to the max, extending “liberty and justice for all” to all Americans. Let us breath deeply, and enjoy our country’s fullest potential for liberty — while we can!

We might be able to buy ourselves more time. We could free our subjugated countries to choose their own governments, and freely market their goods, charging what the global market will bear. Things would cost more, lowering our standard of living. But newly free, market-based countries might be more inclined to protect their new-found freedom from communist dominion.

Wiley Hollingsworth


Sharing the benefits

Columnist Christine Flowers (Daily News, Sept. 24) goes after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for “flaunting her chassis in a form fitting dress with “tax the rich” scrawled in blood red on her butt.” I can’t tell if she is jealous or just missed the last 20 years of women’s empowerment entirely. Either way, there is more to life than wearing a beige coat so you don’t make the less fortunate feel bad — it is your life after all.

AOC doesn’t pretend to be someone who didn’t benefit from her upbringing. She feels others should have the benefits she experienced and is working to make that happen — yes partly by taxing the rich. What is Christine doing to take advantage of her white privilege, including her enjoyment of the same Met she is bugging AOC for helping? It seems she, like most conservatives, is just trying to conserve her privilege and not share the benefits of it.

Jeff Watt


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