I expected more from columnist and the local newspaper

I sent an email to Chuck Pezeshki after a column he wrote stating that BLM is a “circus” and that President Biden “can’t stay awake.” I told him that I was sad to hear that from him.

He replied, telling me among other things that he looked at my Facebook picture and that I should know that he doesn’t write for me. He said three more times that my age group was not his intended audience. “It is impossible to discuss rationally with almost all of your age cohort,” he wrote.

I was surprised at the blatant ageism so I read his next columns in order to understand why I shouldn’t be reading his columns. I found that besides old people, he hates the scientists at the CDC (he calls them idiotic), the FDA (“utterly failing in its job”) and COVID-19 masks.

Today, I noticed his column was about a different subject. He’s writing about childhood obesity. But alas, it’s the same theme. Children are fat because their parents and society force them to look at a screen all day and wear masks! The children become bored and depressed. To appease their children and lift them out of their depression their PARENTS FEED THEM COOKIES AND CANDY. Thus the children gain weight and become obese.

His solution to childhood obesity? First, throw away their masks and “Send them off to school with no restrictions.” The children will become happy and healthy. Their depression will disappear and their parents will be able to feed them carrots again.

I expect more from our local paper than this dissemination of disinformation. What on earth are you thinking? Children are dying of COVID-19 and its mutations. It has already claimed more than 688,000 souls. It is dishonest and deadly.

Ginger Rankin


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