Credit where it’s due

I’m no huge fan of Idaho’s Governor, Brad Little. The only reason I ever started writing letters to the editor was to protest his constant pillaging of our state’s already underfunded schools. (For the record, I gave my “tax rebate,” which was taken directly from the Idaho education budget, back to the Moscow School District. I hope others will join me in returning this stolen property and also support the Quality Education Act and Reclaim Idaho to start bringing Idaho out of last place in the nation for school funding.)

However, in the spirit of credit where credit is due, I am writing to express my gratitude at having a governor who acknowledges the reality of the threat presented by COVID, who supports vaccinations, who hasn’t tried to prevent local mask mandates, and who seems to actually care whether Idahoans live or die.

It’s a sad statement on our current politics that meeting such a painfully low bar is worthy of praise, but in a state as red as ours, I’m relieved to not have a pro-COVID, death-cult governor like Greg Abbott of Texas or Ron DeSantis of Florida.

However, if Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin becomes governor in the next election cycle, Idaho will join the ranks of pro-COVID states more interested battling the cure than the disease, with a “leader” more interested in culture war showboating than protecting and serving the citizenry. I hope that this paper’s more liberal readers will consider holding their noses and caucusing Republican in the next election cycle to keep Little as the Republican candidate, because with McGeachin at the helm, Idaho will become just another national embarrassment and Idahoans will die for it.

Ryan Urie


Stop printing untruths

President Biden recently admonished social media companies, saying that by allowing misinformation about COVID-19 they were “killing people.” A letter with misinformation probably would be exempt from needing a warning by a newspaper. But a dangerous column written for the newspaper should have a disclaimer or other warning by the newspaper. By airing Professor Pezeshki’s columns that say that mask wearing is not effective and may be harming children without a Daily News disclaimer, you are killing people.

The Daily News has an obligation not to allow the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater, thereby endangering lives in the community. Continuing to print Pezeshki’s untruths without a disclaimer is not just irresponsible but immoral. Please stop it.

Bill Parks


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