Can we talk about Trump’s mental state?

Trump often raises doubts about Joe Biden’s mental ability — that he’s old, confused and mentally unfit. Let’s take a look at Trump’s mental state after these comments to Fox News Laura Ingraham on Aug. 29.

Mentally unfit argument No. 1: A plane “almost completely loaded with thugs” wearing black uniforms had come to Washington last week to disrupt the Republican National Convention. Thugs wearing black uniforms, really? Sounds like his kind of people. Need we be reminded about Trump’s trolling behavior during the DNC convention — holding a rally in Biden’s hometown the same day Biden accepted the Democratic presidential candidacy. Trump is the Disruptor In Chief.

Mentally unfit argument No. 2: Joseph R. Biden Jr., was being controlled by “people that you’ve never heard of, people that are in the dark shadows.” Really, people in the “dark shadows”? Has Trump been watching too many Alfred Hitchcock movies?

Mentally unfit argument No. 3: Police officers like the one in Kenosha, Wis., who shot an unarmed Black man seven times last week — leaving him paralyzed from the waist down — have a hard time with pressure and so “they choke, just like in a golf tournament, they miss a three-foot (putt).” Don’t police officers go through rigorous training to prepare themselves for instances like this — or are they just occasional weekend golfers — with guns?

No doubt about it, Trump is the old, confused and mentally unfit candidate in this race.

Bill Christopher


The flu news report

Latah County 2020 COVID-19 news report today: 4 new cases (239 total); 0 deaths; 0 hospitalizations.

What if we could hear the 2018-19 flu news? Here’s what it might’ve sounded like.

Latah County 2018 flu news report today: 12 new cases (1,900 total); 1 hospitalization (every wk, 24 total); 1 death (2 total).


(Estimates from a mathematician for the 2018-19 flu season stats: Idaho: 177,604 cases / 2,452 hospitalizations / 170 deaths … USA: 35,520,883 cases / 490,561 hospitalizations / 34,157 deaths.)

Heidi Scheibe


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