Columnist does not understand

William Brock, most columnists avoid subjects they don’t understand. Yet, Sept. 3, you spent 700 words on the Jerry Falwell, Jr. ilk as representative of your favorite pet-peeve, the sanctimonious Christians.

Christians are not icons of virtue. Like any other group: Democrats, Jews, plumbers, columnists etc., they struggle with sex, drink, anger, picking their noses and writing in ignorance. Obviously “sanctimony” is a term best saved for Christian detractors.

You see, Christian conversions are admissions of complete moral failure. The accompanying grace doesn’t vaporize reprehensible tendencies and histories. At least mine didn’t. Christian advantages are available to all – never being forced on anyone. “Sanctimony” culminates at death.

The likes of Falwell are an infinitesimal representation. The rest of us are just like you — pathetic but mostly beneficial. Churches are hospitals for the ill — not rectories for saints. Still, Christians forgive and pray for anyone including the Jerry Falwells and William Brocks, even our most obdurate regional jackass, Dan David.

Dan David


Living on borrowed money

I owed my friends $1 million so I borrowed $2 million from the Federal Reserve and paid my friends off. I also gave them free vacations, boats, new cars and other gifts. They said I was an excellent businessman with a very, very large brain and called me a very stable genius. Now I owe $2 million which I have no means of paying. Not to worry, I’ll blame the Democrats. President Trump spent his first three years borrowing a trillion dollars per year in deficit spending. In 2020, he borrowed even more, threw the economy into recession, and tripled the federal deficit. His supporters claim he created the “best economy ever,” but it’s all borrowed money and there is no way to pay off the worst national debt since WWII. Not to worry, he’ll blame the Democrats.

Paul Oman


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