Urquidez a good fit for Moscow City Council

Good to read (Daily News, Sept. 19) that James Urquidez is a candidate for the Moscow City Council. James is a family man and makes his living in the building trades. He understands the challenges of the small business owner. He serves as chaplain for the sheriff and counsels inmates.

As part of the local Christian community he works with the unemployed and the alcohol and drug-addicted. We have known his family to give shelter to those without. Urquidez’s experience, judgment and attitude of service makes him a uniquely good candidate for City Council.

Fred and Lynaire Banks



It’s important that we improve medical technology in Pullman

I worked at Pullman Regional Hospital for more than 40 years. During this time, I have watched our small community hospital become a regional healthcare campus.

During this period, we have attracted some of the best healthcare providers who have helped increase the quality of care for our region. In my opinion it is significantly important that we continue to improve, not just maintain, our technology.

With increased technology our hospital will continue to attract the best and the brightest in all areas to continue to provide the quality of care we all have come to expect in Pullman. I hope you will join me in voting for the passage the Proposition 1 in November.

William “Bill” Gaskins



Support for Prop. 1 needed

Pullman provides a great quality of life because of the involved community, education, recreation and resources we have here on the Palouse. One of our greatest resources in the area is quality healthcare. This is why you should vote yes for Proposition 1 to support Pullman Regional Hospital.

The growth and energy Pullman is experiencing is at an all-time high. PRH is planning to expand and allow for future community growth. There are plans for a medical residency education, community-wide electronic medical records, and a team-based care approach to coordinate healthcare, making it more convenient for the patient.

By supporting Pullman Regional Hospital, we are securing our future healthcare needs and ensuring that our medical community continues to be the high quality one we all deserve.

Tony Poston


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