For Pullman and health care, the status quo is insufficient

You call your family doctor to see him about a problem you’ve been experiencing. You’re told it’ll be 4, 5, 6 weeks or more before he or she can see you.

Too few doctors are trying to juggle too many patients. More than a few are burning the candle at both ends. Everyone’s frustrated.

Clearly, Pullman needs more good doctors. Our population has grown at a faster rate than our current medical community can handle in a timely manner.

Another thing. When we finally do get in to see our doctor, how much time are we required to spend filling out redundant paperwork with details that are (or should be) already in our medical files? How many thousands of hours are squandered cumulatively every year because of this?

The Washington State University College of Medicine recently received a $750,000 grant to help with startup costs for a new residency program in family medicine at Pullman Regional Hospital. But the hospital is reaching the limits of its capacity and physical expansion is needed.

Nearly 20 years ago, we Pullman voters agreed to pass a multimillion-dollar bond to move the hospital from an old, outmoded building on the WSU campus to its current location on Bishop Boulevard. And we’ve been reaping countless benefits ever since because we chose to act.

Now it’s time to prepare for the future once again — by recruiting, training, and retaining more doctors in Pullman; by shortening waits for doctor visits through the implementation of system-wide electronic medical records, making our information accessible instantly to our providers, thereby eliminating wasteful redundant paperwork.

Pullman has been blessed with world-class health care in our own backyard. Now is not the time to fall behind and risk losing it!

It’s time once again to act, with a view toward the future. Let’s keep things moving forward by approving Proposition 1.

Roderick T. Schwartz



Climate strike an example of parents exploiting youth

Last Friday’s “climate strike” is just another example of how the left exploits the youth to advance their political agenda.

It was a coordinated effort across the country that saw millions of children allowed to skip school in order to protest a global hoax. It seems school is more about political indoctrination than education.

Leading the protest of uneducated, brainwashed youth was a 16 year-old “climate activist” from Sweden. Greta Thunberg berated and scolded the “world” while addressing the UN Climate Action Summit. Apparently, the sanctimonious, indignant little girl was just part of the show.

That she and other children have the temerity to lecture adults who have far more education and life experiences is a cancer promoted by leftists. These leftists should be charged with child abuse for stealing the childhood of every child paraded out in public to make political statements and demands they know nothing about.

It’s no wonder the left would like to see the voting age lowered to include the indoctrinated youth they have so painstakingly brainwashed. Please parents don’t let your children become a political tool.

Varnel Williams



Treat men, women the same, spitting mad or perfectly polite

The Trumplican response to Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s United Nations speech was classic Republican misogyny. Thunberg gave an angry, impassioned speech to the U.N. assembly telling them to stop destroying the future. President Trump and his science-denying minions responded by belittling the 16-year-old.

President Trump sarcastically tweeted she looked like a “happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future.” Fox faux news commentators called her a “mentally ill Swedish child.” Breitbart neo-fascists said she “needs a spanking.” When men display signs of anger, it’s considered a sign of strength, virility and power. When women show anger they get labeled hysterical, uncontrollable or bitchy.

During the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings, Kavanaugh and Senator Lindsey Graham were so mad they were spitting, growling and yelling. They were lauded as “righteously angry.”

Gender equality means treating men and women the same, regardless of whether they are spitting mad or perfectly polite.

Paul Oman



Where have the benches along the river gone?

The river trail in Pullman is beautiful, and I enjoy walking there. But on Pine Street Plaza, something not so nice has happened. Without any notice to the donors, several of the original, donated benches have simply disappeared. Why? Where are they? Does anyone know?

The Breast Cancer Support Group of the Palouse answered the call for donations before the trail was finished, dedicating our bench to our group’s co-founder, Roberta McFadden. We were told to pick any place we wanted, so chose the space by the waterfall, and were assured that the bench would be placed there and remain there.

Roberta’s plaque read, “Walk! Rest! Choose Life!” These are not silly or empty exclamations. To the last day of her life, Roberta focused on the joys and comfort of community and the activities still possible (rather than on debilitating grief).

Her message emphasized that we have that choice. But Roberta’s bench was somehow moved from its desired space to the Plaza, and now it’s gone. Another bench, honoring Jo Savage, who died so tragically in 2006, is also gone. Jo’s plaque showed her hopeful words, “Let the garden grow!” and she certainly had more in mind than gardens of plants.

These benches are part of Pullman’s history, and one wonders what thoughtlessness permitted their removal without any reasonable explanation to the donors. The lives of Roberta McFadden and Jo Savage remain bright, but the removal of their benches has sullied the beauty around them. No excuse is valid enough to trample on the names of those originally honored (nor to replace them with other benches, other names). Surely there is room for everyone.

Birgitta Ingemanson


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