Did you hear about the most recent thing that is getting the underwear of social justice warriors all twisted up? It is a commercial for an indoor exercise bike.

The ad features a woman who gets a present from her husband. She was really excited when getting the exercise bike and the commercial shows her creating a selfie video over the span of a year where she is using the bike. The ad ends by suggesting giving the exercise bike “this holiday” would be a fine option.

The controversy is not because the ad used the word “holiday.” Seriously, what do they mean “this holiday?” Do they mean New Years Day? It would make sense to give an exercise bike on the day people make resolutions to start working out. Maybe by “this holiday” they were talking about Kazakhstan’s Independence Day on Dec. 16. Really I am confused by “this holiday.” I bet they are actually talking about Christmas but were afraid of making people upset by using the word “Christmas.” Ironically the commercial made people upset but not because of the ambiguous use of the words “this holiday.”

One of the biggest complaints with the ad is that a man bought a woman an exercise bike – a really expensive exercise bike. So there’s the issue of men telling women their bodies aren’t good enough. Men are forcing women to work out. There is the obvious privilege of white people being able to buy expensive exercise bikes. This commercial is being made into a big deal by those who look for any reason to become offended.

I have seen numerous articles about this in the media nationwide. I find it refreshing that some of the more left-leaning media sources are calling the backlash misplaced.

One thing that is being reported is the company, Peloton, has seen a 15-percent drop in their stock prices due to the backlash from this commercial. It is being touted as evidence the company caused harm by degrading women.

My loyal readers and legions of fans have come accustomed to my unique skills in evaluating half-truths and false claims. I am always willing to research and find the truth. In this case, the ad was released on YouTube and TV on Nov. 21 .

On that day the company stock price was $29.80. Wednesday it was $32.03. Since the release of the ad the stock has increased and decreased in value. Prior to release the ad the stock price was $30.25. The company went public in September and dropped in value on the first day of trading. It went as low at $21.08. It has shown an overall increase in value with smaller ups and downs in day-to-day trading. Just like all stocks there are a number of peaks and valleys.

The stock price falling is being peddled as proof of the ad being in poor taste. This emboldens social justice warriors to believe their outrage is both on target and validated. These people were looking to find some validation because their outrage is being generated using a soggy brain.

The outraged people cannot imagine a world where a female would have wanted a nice exercise bike to stay in shape. They cannot imagine a world where a woman would be happy to receive a gift that will increase her health. They can only imagine a world where a man has ulterior motives in gift purchasing. That he would buy his wife a gift because he doesn’t like his wife’s body and believes she needs to reshape her body to satisfy him.

The real outrage with the ad is that it refuses to recognize that the reason we give gifts in December. Peloton tried to pander to the very people who are complaining about the commercial. To the folks at Peloton, you will never succeed in making social justice warriors happy.

Scotty Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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