Everyone’s heard the old saying that success in purchasing real estate boils down to three factors: Location, location, location. Sounds easy. In fact, to find the best home for your needs calls for some deeper thought and a look beyond a simple street address.

Buyers who do their homework and assemble a full picture of a property’s strengths are better equipped to conduct an efficient search and find a home they love, for all the right reasons.

Having a clear understanding of a property’s key attributes is especially important in high season, when inventory tightens. Some 40 percent of all home sales for the year take place in the months of April, May and June, according to Freddie Mac.

In a competitive market, a buyer’s clarity and focus on what’s important – and what’s not – can make all the difference.

When evaluating a property, keep these 5 key attributes top of mind:

1. The quality of the school district

If you have children, ideally you want them to attend higher-rated schools where they can get a good education. Even if you don’t plan on having kids, the next buyer might. The caliber of the school district typically can have a significant effect on property values and resale prospects.

2. Desirable community resources and amenities

Services and facilities that make life safer, easier and more enjoyable help create a strong neighborhood. Consider the police, fire, and emergency response departments, area hospitals, libraries, parks and park district facilities. The better, closer, and more desirable these resources are, the more likely you’ll be a happy homeowner.

3. The area crime rate

Check police records, neighborhood watch websites and newspapers to get a better feel for the level of safety and police responsiveness. Look into community watch programs and initiatives to determine how engaged local residents are in safeguarding their neighborhoods, too.

4. Proximity to jobs and employment

It’s great to focus on properties that allow for a short commute to work, but it’s wise to think ahead. Are there businesses and prospective employers relatively nearby or within a reasonable drive if you’re looking to change jobs in the future? A healthy local job market helps support real estate prices now and in the future.

5. A home with versatility

A great home accommodates life as it unfolds. Consider your future needs for space (what if your family grows?), comfort (will multi-level living pose challenges as you get older?) and convenience (the health club should definitely be too close to ignore!)

Shopping for and finding the right home can feel like an overwhelming process without the right help. Turn to the Inland Northwest’s most experienced real estate team: Coldwell Banker Tomlinson team. CBT agents can help keep you focused on what’s important and guide you with smart strategies as you shop for and finance a new home.

As the largest real estate firm in the Quad Cities, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson completes one in three of all local real estate transactions. Our professionals know the market and can help guide you through the competitive sales process to get the best returns.

No one sells more homes in the Inland Northwest.

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