The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association’s executive board offered even more clarity Monday on a couple of items that have to do with the decision July 21 to shift the majority of its sports seasons to start in December because of the coronavirus pandemic.

One was for the period football coaches are allowed to have contact with players in the coaching window from Sept. 28-Nov. 30. The other was a clarification on the lower-risk sports of golf and tennis.

In the contact window situation, schools are allowed to have a total of 20 football practices during the summer period, with a total of 10 of them being in pads. However, the WIAA said that coaches basically can carryover over whatever practice time is not used in the summer to the two-month period encompassing fall.

An example would be if Pullman or Colfax wanted to conduct seven practices during the summer, three of which would be in full gear. The coaching staffs of those schools then would have a total of 13 practices remaining during the September-November window, with seven of those allowed with pads on. In essence, there would be no resetting of the period and they just would have 20 practices spread out during the two times.

Football will be conducted in Season 3, with the first day of practice set for Feb. 17 and the season to end with state championships May 9.

Golf and tennis teams originally were allowed extra competition, or alternate seasons — in Season 1 — with the WIAA conducting state championships during Season 4. But the organization decided to allow the two sports to also have an alternate season in Season 3, which runs from March 1-May 2 for all sports other than football. The reasoning is to avoid scheduling conflicts for schools that can’t compete in Season 1 because of possible concerns surrounding COVID-19.

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