Washington State defensive lineman Dallas Hobbs used his graphic-design skills to boost the whirlwind campaign to unify the voice of college football players in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, according to multiple reports Monday.

After the campaign was launched Sunday night during a Zoom meeting involving players from across the nation, Hobbs designed a graphic that succinctly states the players’ platform and was quickly adopted as their social-media emblem.

The graphic features the mottoes of the two factions that merged their messages that night: the “WeAreUnited” movement introduced last week in the Pac-12 and the “WeWantToPlay”group launched this past weekend in other parts of the country. It also includes the logos of the Power 5 Conferences whose players are driving the message.

At the heart of the merged movement is a demand for stricter and more consistent safety measures even as players embrace the major conferences’ plan to begin a virus-delayed season in late September.

Hobbs, a junior from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who emerged last season as one of the anchors of WSU’s defensive line, majors in digital technology and culture. He has been interested in graphic design since his days at Deerfield (Mass.) Academy, where he helped football teammates produce online commitment edits to announce their college choices. Earlier this year he designed a graphic to honor Bryce Beekman, the WSU safety who died in March.

Hobbs was also one of the 13 Pac-12 players who attached their names to the WeAreUnited manifesto, published Aug. 2 in The Players Tribune. In the ensuing days he hinted at a confusion about his status on the team in the aftermath of that article, but he has since confirmed he’s still on the roster.

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