What would we do without our library supporters? From the individuals who leave warm hats and gloves at the library for children to wear home during the winter to anonymous donors who ask that we spend the money on hotspots so everyone can have internet at home, residents across Whitman County step forward every day to improve their libraries and their communities.

To recognize those who have gone above and beyond, Whitman County Library began the “Library Supporter of the Month” award back in 2005. Sponsored by the Friends of Whitman County Library, we have now recognized close to 200 individuals and organizations around the county the past 16 years. While we could never give them all the attention they deserve, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating our most recent honorees:

LaCrosse Schools deserves our thanks for being a great supporter of the LaCrosse Library. They always provide school space for after school library programs and graciously allow our library staff to visit their classes to share activities and library lessons.

Plants of the Wild in Tekoa generously donated plants for our Arbor Day programs in Malden and Rosalia, and manager Kathy Hutton handed out seeds at the Tekoa library for a family-friendly take-home gardening activity this spring.

Beverly Pearce, our Palouse branch manager who retired in March 2021, was recognized for being not only “Library Bev” for the past 10 years, but a strong advocate for the entire town of Palouse. From Haunted Palouse and Turkey Leg Runs to story times and cooking programs and all of her many other library and volunteer activities over the years, she has touched so many lives in the Palouse community and will not soon be forgotten.

In Oakesdale, Clerk/Treasurer Mary DeGon and Public Works Director Pam Jacob were honored for supporting the Oakesdale Library with extraordinary effort during the pandemic and for helping make the library a safer and more attractive place for the community to visit using town grant funds.

Bob Bates of Colton was thanked for his 10 years of service as a library trustee during which he showed support, wisdom and a healthy dose of humor.

The Pine Creek Community Long-Term Recovery Group was recognized for championing the return of the Malden Library and working on WCL’s behalf to secure a new temporary location for the library. With their support, we were able to reopen and begin providing library service again within months of losing our Malden library. We also so appreciate the outpouring of kindness from communities and volunteers both nearby and from around the country who gave both donations and much-needed support.

Cossette Hauck was honored for her outstanding support of Albion programming. With her willingness to promote, attend, and assist with library programs, she helps to make each one successful. We’re so glad she is part of the community!

Anna Clayton has shown outstanding dedication and support of the Rosalia Library. She’s always willing to lend a hand, bake cupcakes, or donate fun items to make youth programming special. Librarian Marcy Campbell says, “Thank You for making the library fun and welcoming!”

To see a complete list of those who have been honored over the years, visit the “Get Involved” link at whitcolib.org and choose “Support the Library.”

Fullmer is the director of Whitman County Library.

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