“The Cardboard Kingdom” and “The Cardboard Kingdom: Roar of the Beast” by Chad Sell

A graphic novel series celebrating a diverse creative and imaginative neighborhood. There is room for everyone to shine and find their superpower and identity in these books, which inspire kids to wear whatever costume they desire and start collecting cardboard boxes.

“To Dance: A Ballerina’s Graphic Novel”by Siena Cherson Siegel with artwork by Mark Siegel

A dancer balances family, school, dance lessons and the passionate pursuits that propel her forward. An honest window into the endless hours, injuries and sheer passion of ballet. An inspiring memoir that chronicles the history of dance during her years of study alongside some of the greatest ballet dancers of our time.


“Peanut, Butter, & Crackers: Puppy Problems” by Paige Braddock

This graphic novel will be sure to delight readers young and old. Crackers, an anxious rescue dog and Butter, a plump house cat are living the good life: big backyard, comfy couch, delicious snack when into their life bounds Peanut, a brand new puppy. Chaos descends on the once peaceful household. Will Butter and Crackers find a way to live with their new roommate or will they give poor Peanut the boot?

“Our Dogs, Ourselves: The Story of a Singular Bond” by Alexandra Horowitz

Everyone knows that our bond with dogs is a special one. The story of humans and dogs is thousands of years old but still not fully understood. In this book, the author highlights our profound affection for our canine companions and opens our eyes to them like never before.

“The Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race against an Epidemic” by Gay Salisbury

Nome, Alaska, in 1925 is in the midst of a deadly diphtheria epidemic and local doctors know that without the lifesaving cure, many will perish. However, the cure is a thousand miles away, all ports are icebound and planes are grounded. Only the heroic sled dog teams have any hope of making it in time.


“Iggy is the Hero of Everything” by Annie Barrows, illustrated by Sam Ricks

Fan favorite Iggy is back in this hilarious book about causing trouble and bringing extreme amounts of mischief. Iggy sees his antics as lovable and silly, but does everyone else? Be sure to check this book out for your own little troublemaker.

“Sesame Street Old school, Volume 2, 1974-1979” (DVD), directed by Jim Henson.

It’s time to catch up with your old pals Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster and the rest of the gang for a blast from the past. Escape to the 1970s through the eyes of a child with original Sesame Street episodes. This DVD will make you fall in love with puppets all over again and scrambling to find more recent episodes (hint: they’re on PBS kids).

“Life-size animals: An Illustrated Safari” by Rita Mabel Schiavo; illustrated by Isabella Grott

Check out this larger-than-life book to get up close to more than 70 wild animals. You and your kiddo will learn many different animal facts and truly understand the scale of animals. For example, did you know that the Golaith Beetle is 4.7 inches, while the ladybug is .4 inches? Facinating.

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