2020 One year ago today

International students beginning classes this semester at Washington State University will arrive on campus with a surprise waiting for them. That surprise will be a bed already made with new sheets, plus food, toiletries and other supplies, saving them a trip to the grocery store. Volunteers from the Pullman Rotary Club and members of the WSU Office of International Programs spent the day bringing these gifts to the dorms that will house international students. … A final design to expand Lincoln Middle School took center stage during discussions at a Pullman School Board meeting. With the conclusion of other projects in the district meant to expand capacity at various grade levels, district officials say it is now time to address the “bottleneck” at the city’s only middle school. The expansion plan would raise the capacity of LMS to 850 students, according to board documents.

2016 Five years ago today

The Pullman School District has a full plate this year as it works to find solutions to a problem high on the minds of area parents: drop-off zones. Sunnyside Principal Pam Brantner said traffic and safety issues in the drop-off zones were primary concerns participants of the district’s thought exchange brought up during an autumn survey. Sturm said the school — like the other Pullman elementary schools — was built in a time when traffic was less of an issue. … The developers of a mixed-use construction project at the corner of Sixth and Jackson streets want to add a story or two to the structure design so it’s a more financially viable investment, they told members of the Moscow Urban Renewal Agency board. George Skandalos and Carly Lilly of Sangria Downtown LLC, which is developing the corner lot, said they want to add more residential space and possibly increase the percentage of units priced for occupants with lower incomes from 20 percent to 25 percent.

2011 10 years ago today

Tina Scholz found herself paralyzed during her senior year at Eastern Washington University. Doctors diagnosed Scholz with Multiple Sclerosis years later around 1998. MS is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system. Scholz said she refused to let the disease cripple her life. Having started teaching full time at Colfax High School in 1996, Scholz said quitting her job to stay home wasn’t an option. Now, walker and cane by her side, Scholz navigates the hallways of the high school with the help of students who hold open doors and help her hand out papers or answer phones when MS freezes her hands. … Three years ago, when Larry Woodbury had a business dropped in his lap, he wasn’t ready but he managed to pull through. Woodbury originally purchased Moscow’s Now & Then to lease it out to another business owner. After his tenant dropped out, Woodbury and his family picked up the slack to keep the new and antique furniture, home decor and clothing store alive. But after 15 years in Moscow, Woodbury is ready to close the business’ doors and focus on his other projects.

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