Mandate not temporary

On Sept. 21, the Moscow City Council extended Health Order 20-03, the mask mandate. On Sept. 23, three individuals were arrested for not following the health order. A referendum started to allow the entire city vote on the mask order, but failed. In a Dec. 4 letter, the city attorney stated emergency orders are temporary, not subject to referendum, that the mask resolution was not an ordinance but “an official policy statement.”

Mayor Lambert had residents arrested using policy, not law. Using policy, not law, Lambert ruined businesses, severely impacted livelihoods, divided residents using false accusations against those without masks and extended the policy until June 2021, perhaps even longer. Eleven months is not temporary. Since the health order is only an official policy statement, is the application of tar and feathers battery or a policy statement by citizens?

Lambert restricts the city council meetings by using the mask policy and Little’s modified State 2 order. He violates the meeting law by using Zoom while restricting us from logging in to watch. The meeting rules state that officials must allow real time interface with residents in both face to face and electronic meetings.

The Stage 2 order states political and religious gatherings are not subject to size limitations but should social distance if possible. Lambert ridiculed those who cannot mask just like Jim Crow laws punished and ridiculed blacks. Since health orders are policy statements, the Stage 2 order could be followed and everyone who wants to speak to the city council may. Mask if you desire and there is no 10 person restriction.

As evil Prince John terrorized his subjects, you prevent us from working to capacity and refuse to lower taxes while raking in federal money for the city. Your tyrannical boot is hard on our necks.

Dave Glasebrook


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