As I discussed in my previous column, a federal judge ruled that a civil rights case can proceed against the city of Moscow and city officials over the wrongful arrest of Gabriel Rench, Sean Bohnet and Rachel Bohnet during a September 2020 psalm sing in Moscow organized by Moscow’s Christ Church.

To protest those illegal arrests, church member Nate Wilson created stickers with a hammer and sickle on them that read, “Soviet Moscow: Enforced Because We Care.” The stickers echoed Moscow’s official mask mandate signs, “Enforced Because We Care.”

In October 2020, Nate’s sons Rory, 18, and Seamus, 14, were stopped by Moscow police officers for posting stickers on downtown poles. Rory was handcuffed and interrogated on the ground without his rights being read. The officers separated Seamus, a minor, from his handcuffed brother, lied to him about the law and his rights and interrogated him alone.