As anyone who has ever been so emboldened as to write a political column has long since discovered, it’s impossible to please all the people all the time. Even your natural allies find fault. In the almost two years I’ve written for the Daily News, I’ve grown acutely aware of this.

Taking shots from both sides is a place I find familiar and curiously comfortable. After almost 30 years of writing opinion pieces for local newspapers, most of my illusions are gone and my targets are real. With Hillary’s misbegotten, losing campaign and Trump’s ham-handed running amok, I lurched further to the left than ever before and that made fair-minded writing more challenging.

The Donald did what four and a half turbulent years at Berkeley in the late 1960s failed to do; I now found myself a firebrand radical. Except I wasn’t. Not on all issues. To buy into a dogmatic syndrome of beliefs and accompanying lifestyles had never been my path.

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