Soviet Moscow

Stickergate started last October when three Wilsons were charged with violating Moscow City Code by placing Soviet Moscow stickers downtown. In all of Moscow history this code has never been enforced against any person or business, except for the Wilsons.

On May 14, someone phoned a valid death threat against a Wilson to the Christ Church office. The city knows who made the threat, but unlike other cities, will not release the name to the Wilsons.

The city charged the Wilsons for Soviet Moscow stickers in mere days; but three weeks after the threat, there are no charges filed against the person threatening to murder a Wilson.

Why is the city protecting that individual and not releasing his name as other cities do?

Why is the city avoiding charging him for violating Idaho law?

Why are our elected officials not concerned with following Idaho law?

Apparently in Moscow it is OK to threaten to shoot someone between the eyes, but it is not OK to legally protest our tyrannical mayor and city council.

Not one of our elected officials will speak against this violent threat. We really do live in Soviet Moscow.

Dave Glasebrook


Moscow’s future

There are currently three new projects (that we know of; maybe there are more) in the works to add many houses and other structures in Moscow and areas to be annexed. The Idaho Legislature recently put a 5-percent cap on the amount cities can increase their budgets due to new construction or annexation. Will the increase in property taxes from these new homes and businesses provide enough additional city income to provide maintenance of infrastructure, police and fire response and other needs for these new areas?

Also, with water woes becoming more of an issue, shouldn’t the city work toward these new buildings having water catchment systems and xeriscaping? Have impervious cover/runoff considerations been made? Will any buildings have solar panels?

We don’t live in Moscow, so the tax situation will not affect us, but we are sorry to see the town where we shop adding to increased traffic and future water problems.

Linda and Raleigh Ross


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