Shame on paper for printing letter

In response to the Daily News printing the letter Sept. 1 from Timothy Moore, of Potlatch, I am writing to express my profound dismay that the Daily News would print such a letter. The argument is not only based on erroneous information about Christianity and Judaism as a whole, but also is so filled with antiJewish sentiment as to be clearly antisemitic. Shame on you, editorial staff, for not screening this information — and for not knowing enough to recognize such content for what it is.

As a Christian, I am led by Jesus as revealed in scripture to love of God and neighbor — regardless of their ethnicity, identity, religion or nationality. As an American, I cling to the freedom of worship enshrined in our Constitution, freedom from a religious test for holding office and freedom to assemble and worship without fear. Religious leaders from Judaism and Islam, and yes, Christian denominations, have argued that the Dobbs ruling, along with the draconian antiabortion law of the State of Idaho, prohibit the free exercise of religion not only by Jews and Muslims, but even by Christians who do not recognize the love of God in the ideology of so-called Christian nationalism, or anti-abortion absolutism. The Episcopal Church, which I serve, along with many other denominations have spoken out forcefully and strongly against the merging of religion and nation, the distortion of our ancient faith and a threat to American democracy.

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