Steep, moral decline

Openly gay Rep. David Ciciline (D-RI) just sponsored, along with numerous other eager congressional co-sponsors, the HR5 Equality Act. It is proposed legislation awarding LGBTQs the right to perform practically any sexually deviant act, either upon themselves or upon others, without fear of social discrimination or retaliation.

It protects with force of law the sexually inverted “community.” Politicians harangue us about the evil of “sex discrimination” and the oppressive narrowness of “sex-based stereotypes,” forcing me as a Catholic Christian to plunge back into Biblical antiquity and make use of inspired scripture from the pen of St. Paul in his letter to the Romans. This greatest of apostles spoke out in utter condemnation of the very kinds of people, who are now trying to put the Equality Act together. He declared: “Therefore God has given them up in the lustful desires of their heart to uncleanness, so that they dishonor their own bodies among themselves.”

St. Paul passed judgment on these perverts two millennia ago. He declared that the almighty had turned his back on them. It’s nothing new. Yet some elected so-called representatives of the people, (who, truth be told, worship and serve the creation rather than the creator) think that they can exchange the “glory of the incorruptible God” into imaginary gods who glory in perversion, and attach dignity and respect to sexually gross behavior. Why, I see the day coming, if this bill becomes law and fully plays out, it would be commonplace to see a man having sex with his dog in the public square.

The Italian historian, Roberto De Mattei, wrote the following: “Today, we live in an era in which the worse vices are inscribed in law as human rights.” Our nation, which is already in steep moral and social decline, will have simply accelerated the process by the passage of HR5, The Equality Act.

Tim Moore


Brock should choose differently

From about a quarter century ago, I vaguely recall an outdoors feature article writer in the Magic Valley of Idaho by the name of Bill Brock. I remember enjoying his writing for the most part. He seemed to appreciate the natural features of Idaho much like the Idahoans do. I wonder if he harbored as much disdain for the Gem State’s good folk and values then as he does now.

William Brock, self-described, “Force of Nature” and state of Washington resident, appears to now be a complaining, whiny, woke, bitter little man with a pocket full of rocks living in a glass house. A short review of his regular column reveals a snide, caustic perspective that must be an absolute tragedy to abide with. What’s happened?

Bill is entitled and privileged to vent his bile on a regular basis in this newspaper, I hope it is at least cathartic for him. The residents of Idaho who are still mostly conservative in values and politics have no regard for his hateful, jaundiced view. Bill’s most recent two articles have attacked my fellow Idahoans. His latest pique of progressive rage regarding the City of Moscow civil rights violation and resulting litigation is an example of blind bitterness that must put him at odds with his own petulant philosophies. That case is exactly what the ACLU would vigorously champion if the arrestees/plaintiffs were not conservative, Bible believers who have stated they are not interested in financial gain.

Hate and bitterness is a choice, Bill. Choose differently. Do something positive in your neighborhood and write about it. Address the homeless situation in Pullman or something. I also recommend a very fine little book authored by Doug Wilson’s father, “How to be Free From Bitterness.”

Dennis Pratt


S1 should concern you

HR 1, or S1, is the most partisan and extensive piece of election legislation that has been in Congress in decades. It would totally alter the U.S. election system. It is an 800-page multi-pronged attack on the way we do elections.

One provision is that it would allow unlimited ballot harvesting, in which a hired partisan person can collect and bring in any number of ballots. This would make falsifying ballots much easier. And there would be more ballots vulnerable to falsification, since the bill aims to expand mail-in balloting in multiple ways.

Judicial Watch did a study of voter rolls in Oct. 2020. It found that 353 counties in the U.S. have voter registration rolls that exceed the number of citizens who are old enough to vote! When I lived in Washington, where a ballot is automatically sent to every person on their voter rolls for every election, I received ballots multiple times at my address for someone who hadn’t lived there in at least three years. S1 would make it harder to remove incorrect names from voting rolls. It would also require automatic voter registration.

For an example of why we should be concerned about S1, see the recent news about an audit of mail-in ballots in Missoula. (Google “mail-in voting audit, Missoula 2020”).

S1 would also mandate federal funding of elections and the federal government would pay six dollars to a candidate for every one dollar of contributions.

S1 would change the Federal Election Commission to consist of partisans.

S1 would also make huge changes in voting districts that would favor Democrats by allowing a new type of district called a coalition district, which would change Supreme Court rulings on the Voting Rights Act.

Lois Johnston


Rotten apples

Idaho has intelligent legislators and voters. Then why so many dysfunctional bills?

The worm poisoning our legislative apple is the Idaho Freedom Foundation, funded by dark money from right-wing corporate extremist groups like State Policy Network, ALEC, Koch Foundation and “Franklin Center.” Their “bill mills” write legislation and instruct our elected officials to promote their extremist agenda.

Why does this matter? These corporate billionaires don’t share Idaho values or care about us. They use disinformation and scare tactics to mask the intent of bills that increase their profits and reduce their taxes.

They want to privatize everything and divide voters, so the Idaho Freedom Foundation attacks issues like public education, social justice and Medicaid, and uses language to get us to hate and fear our neighbors.

The foundation cozies up to officials from Risch to commissioners and mayors. Although it claims nonprofit status, the IFF lobbies (if it walks like a duck?), promotes corporate bills and uses an index to “persuade” legislators to vote “right.”

Requiring legislators and Idaho Freedom Foundation to disclose their financial interests would make this issue more transparent.

Lois Morgan


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