As I was writing my last column, Washington State University football coach Nick Rolovich announced that he was not going to get the COVID-19 vaccination. That lit a firestorm of comments both in support of his position and those who now think Rolovich is the devil himself. I was waiting for my chance to weigh in.

Some people said he needs to be a leader and show the kids on the team that they should be like him and get one. Others said he is showing leadership by not bowing down to the woke mob and making an informed decision.

It doesn’t matter if other people like his decisions. It’s his to make and he made it. You know the saying: My body, my choice.

I don’t know why he chose to not get it and frankly it’s not my business or anyone else’s business. Maybe he doesn’t believe the testing process was long enough. Who knows what the long-term effects might await those who took the vaccine. Maybe he has a medical condition that precludes him from taking it. It’s not up to him to inform us about his medical conditions.

For decades women, known as “birthing people” to the woke left, have argued that abortions are about the rights of the individual. I am pretty sure one of the slogans is “my body, my choice”.

Baby-killing advocates, er, I mean pro-choice advocates, believe that no one should decide how a woman manages her body, to include the cold-blooded and senseless murder of unborn children. I mean after all, it’s only a human, not a cute little puppy dog, that is being ripped from the womb.

Some of those same people who don’t want anyone to stand in the way of butchering the unborn are the first to chastise and call for the firing of people like Rolovich. My oh my, how quickly “my body, my choice” stopped being a thing, right?

I know, you’ll say that it’s totally different. Rolovich and all the unvaccinated will spread the disease killing untold billions of people whereas abortions only kill one at a time.

Might I point out there is a higher likelihood of someone being snuffed out due to abortion compared to COVID-19? For example, there were 619,000 abortions in one year, 2018. The year 2017 had nearly the same number of abortions. Since the beginning of COVID-19 there have been 615,000 deaths. Abortions kill annually, approximately, the number of people killed since COVID-19 became a thing in the U.S.

Rolovich has every right to choose whether he wants a vaccination. Those who have demanded that he be fired are terrible people. Absolutely terrible.

Who are we trying to protect? The vaccinations have been available for months and they are free. If someone wants one all he has to do is pull up his sleeve.

Also, please do not tell me I must get a vaccination and then I must wear a mask to protect those who have made the choice to not vaccinate. It’s cold for me to say, but they had the opportunity to read the risks, rewards and benefits of getting a vaccination.

They also know the risk of getting the disease is high but the likelihood of dying from the disease is extremely low. Lower than abortion rates and we all love abortions, right?

I am sure Rolovich knows if he gets COVID-19 there is around a 67 percent chance of coming out unscathed. There is approximately a 32 percent chance of having some minor or major long term health effects, and there is around a 1 percent chance he could die.

If you’re pro-choice because of a woman’s right to choose then I’m certain you’ve been the loudest supporter of Rolovich’s right to choose. I am sure you are defending him against those who are advocating his ouster, right?

Anderson is a computer programmer who enjoys serving the community through various community-oriented service jobs.

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