The heroes of the game

My guess would be that all those who are whining about continuing to keep the country closed due to the coronavirus are either retired, don’t own a business, are working an “essential” job, wealthy, receiving some type of pension or government entitlement, dishonest socialist media talking heads or are Democrat politicians.

The heroes at this point in the game are those who are standing up against tyranny, risking jail time and or fines to reopen their businesses, hiring and reemploying their staffs and getting America working again. The repercussions of keeping the country locked down is a greater pandemic than the virus itself.

Joe Long


Creating controversywhere there is none

When I decided to run for Latah County Commissioner, my wife and I knew that the far left was going to get silly. This has happened even faster than I thought it would, so here we go.

I had an exchange with a potential voter (not really), Keely Mix, in which she asked me to condemn the supposed anti-semetic comments that Ammon Bundy made at a recent protest in Boise on May 2. Apparently Keely thought I was present at that protest, when in reality I was present at a rally in Boise on May 1. In her confusion, she thought I was at the May 2 protest and wanted me to distance myself from Bundy.

I have never seen video nor have I read about what was said at the May 2 protest, so her question was odd from the jump. In my private messaging with Keely, I told her I don’t know Bundy, and I have never met Bundy.

Keely is trying to drum up controversy where there is none, and some might even call this slander.

One of the reasons I am running for county commissioner is because slimy politics of the past needs to go, and a concern for truth needs to be established.

Please consider voting for me in November, and reach out to me if you have any questions. Cheers!

Gabriel Rench

Candidate for Latah County Commission, 2nd District


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